The Return of Kris Kringle (A Romantic Comedy) by Caroline Mickelson

A Christmas themed romantic comedy novella

The return of kris kringle (a romantic comedy)

After years away from the North Pole, Kris Kringle happily accepts her Uncle Santa’s offer to move back to Christmas Central as head chef. With her young daughter in tow, Kris returns home with two objectives in mind. Goal number one, bring her love of healthy eating and nutritious fare to the North Pole dining service. Goal number two, recover from heartbreak and forget Kyle Masterson, the man who broke her heart. But when Santa hires Kyle as a new co-chef for the holiday season, Kris suddenly realizes that replacing the elves’ beloved sugar cookies with carrots is going to be a piece of cake compared to working alongside her ex-fiancé.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: christmas romance, christmas romantic comedy, romantic comedy, holiday romance, sweet romance

Word Count: 19,000

Sales info:

The Return of Kris Kringle is a fairly new release as it just came out in late 2014. Sales have been consistent and, based on the sales of my other Christmas romantic comedies, I have confidence that this will sell very well at the holiday time.

Sample text:

“What if Santa Claus doesn’t like salads, Mom?”     

Kris Kringle glanced in the rear view mirror. There was just enough moonlight for her to see that her six year old daughter Noelle was wide awake. Still. “Of course he likes salad, sweetie. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Everyone knows Santa likes Christmas cookies. Have you ever heard of anyone leaving him a glass of milk and a chilled Caesar Salad on Christmas Eve? I don’t think so.”

Kris smiled. “I guess we’ll just have to ask him when we see him.”

“Okay, but even if he prefers cookies you’re going to make a vegetarian lasagna the first night you cook, aren’t you?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.” Kris reached for the heater and cranked it up to high. “We’ve still got a couple of hours until we get there so why don’t you sleep?”

Noelle shook her head emphatically. “I’m not tired. Besides, I’m afraid if I fall asleep that I’ll wake up and you’ll tell me this was all a dream.”
     “It’s no dream, baby. We’re moving to the North Pole.” It was nothing Kris ever thought she’d say, or ever have to do, but reality had dealt her enough rough blows that going home suddenly didn’t seem like such a bad idea. “Go to sleep. I promise I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

“Is Santa sending a sleigh for us?”

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Already translated. Translated by Anna Vanti
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Working with Anna was a wonderful experience. She is professional and pleasant - I highly recommend her.
Already translated.

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