The Poisoned Ground by Laurel A. Rockefeller


The poisoned ground

All was well for the southern city of Nanli -- until a mysterious plague filled the city with fear and agony. Duty bound to discover the cause, Lady Abbess Cara races against time to find a cure only to be caught up in a dangerous conspiracy that may claim her life and the lives of billions for generations to come.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Language: English

Keywords: environment, Beinan, novella, short story, plague, back story, detective, medical, doctor, healer, abbess, domestic violence, rape, romance, strip mining, corruption, political, king, tyrant

Word Count: 12360

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This beautiful science fiction mystery-romance has not been discovered yet on Amazon.

Sample text:

Nan-li Central Healing Center sparkled like a Beinarian diamond. 0.6 li 里 from the main entrance to the healing center stood a brand new “Central Nan-li Healing Center” stop on a prominent light rail line.  As Lady Cara briskly navigated the healing center, healers, patients, and healers-in-training all bowed respectfully as she passed.  Lady Healer Gwyneth intercepted her, “You said it was urgent?”

“I’ve finished my readings at and near the Nan-li argene mine,” scowled Cara.

 “Is it as bad as reported:  thirty percent increase in atmospheric argene and two hundred percent increase in both bilast and dilast?” asked Gwyneth.

“No – the levels are in fact much higher since the last time we took readings.  But it gets worse:  without her permission I scanned Lady Engineer Rachel of house Ana, the one who keeps fighting Ten-Arian efforts in the Great Council to improve mining safety and protect the health of area residents.  Gwyneth … I detected at least six cancers growing in her.”

Gwyneth halted, a sudden wave of vertigo collapsing her into a nearby chair, “Banumu Hehe help us!  I checked her medical records, Cara; there was no evidence of any illness five yen-ars ago when she came in for her last physical.”

“I have soil, water, and vegetation samples with me for the healing center lab to conduct comprehensive analysis, proof that our position as healers about the mines is correct:  we are on the verge of a major ecological disaster if we do not find a way to stop strip mining operations and restore the forests.  Nowhere should there be more than one bilast molecule per billion in our atmosphere.  At the mines the atmosphere is a full five percent bilast – enough to kill anyone not on special breathing gear.  But that’s not the worst news.”

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Already translated. Translated by Kamlesh Dhavale
Already translated. Translated by Felicia Salomone
Author review:
Excellent work as always. Would love another translation from her for this series.
Already translated. Translated by Cintia Cara
Author review:
Nicely done!

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