The Mogadishu Encounter by Burt Clinchandhill

The hijacking of the Dai Hong Dan

In his third and final installment, commander James Mitchel once again sails the ocean onboard an American warship.

The mogadishu encounter

In his third and final installment, commander James Mitchel once again sails the ocean on board an American warship.When Mitchel learns of a mysterious cargo on board the North Korean freighter, Dai Hong Dan, the destroyer, James E. Williams, sails to intercept. Before the Williams can reach the North Korean ship, they are seized by Somalian pirates in the waters where U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling off the Horn of Africa for years now in an effort to stop piracy.As the suspicion of a very dangerous cargo aboard the Dan rises, Mitchel and his colleagues take us on a thrilling ride were danger and the threat of nuclear war are imminent. The Mogadishu Encounter is the latest and last adventure in the James Mitchel trilogy. A military and political thriller inspired by true events.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Military

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Political

Language: English

Keywords: political, Conspiracy, thriller, crime, war, cia

Word Count: 63000

Sample text:

Laying on the floor, Ki-moon looked Guleed straight back into his eyes, and instinctively he took his rifle. He pulled a heavy metal lever from front to back. Balancing with his left hand on the deck, Ki-moon stretched his right arm with the weapon in it. As he aimed it, Guleed grinned as he noticed Ki-moon’s shivering aim, way too high above his head. Then – just before Gulled could reach for his rifle – Ki-moon pulled the trigger.

A soft rumbling sound followed when the airburst grenade left the barrel of Ki-moon’s gun. In an instant, he threw his weapon down on the floor and dropped down himself next to it, making himself as small as possible.

In a fraction of a second, the grenade had arrived over Guleed’s head and exploded midair with a deafening thunder. Hundreds of small pieces of shrapnel were blown in every direction. Ki-moon, with his head facing down to the deck, heard dozens of pieces impacting on the metal deck only a few feet away from him. After a few seconds, there was complete silence again, and Ki-moon dared to look up. The floor in front of him was littered with small pieces of metal. A thin layer of smoke concealed Guleed’s condition.

He shuddered his head a couple of times before climbing back onto his feet. Through the smoke, he stumbled a few steps forward where he found Guleed’s body, lifeless on the floor, his clothes pierced with dozens of small holes.

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Already translated. Translated by Luis Burke
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Great work, as allways.

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