The Little Truck Knew It Could: An All Inspiring Story That Will Inspire by Darren Cox

An all inspiring story that will inspire children over and over again.

The little truck knew it could: an all inspiring story that will inspire

A little red pickup truck named Rusty made a deal with one of the meanest pickup truck named Max on the pulling game. If Rusty wants to win, he will have to learn to believe in himself. An all inspiring story that will inspire children over and over again. This book includes great artwork.


Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / General

Language: English

Keywords: kids, children, friendship

Word Count: 1000

Sales info:

This has been a good seller.

Sample text:

One day there was an old pickup truck named Rusty. He was an old red pickup truck with rusty finders and wheels that always looked flat.

Rusty was a lonely little pickup truck that he did not have too many friends, and he just did not fit in with the biggest and newest pickup trucks that were around today.

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Very good job thank you.
Already translated. Translated by Sarah Bailey

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