The Kiss of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande

A sensual tale of love at first sight.

The kiss of a viscount

It started with a simple kiss… but it could end with undying love.

Viscount George Bennett-Jones has all the wealth he can dream of… but he’s missing a bride. Even though he possesses a suave demeanour and charming sweet talk, he’s not particularly confident he can swoon any girl – especially the beautiful Lady Elizabeth Carlington.

The fair lady will be no easy woman to woo, what with the Earl of Trenton already eyeing her for marriage. George will need more than money and prestige to win her heart. Elizabeth is happy to marry the Earl – even if his kissing reminds her of her best friend’s dog – but when a regal ball lands her in the arms of the dashing viscount, she ends up with a kiss that leaves her yearning for more.

George has an evening planned to spark the fine Lady’s imagination and capture her undying love. But will the passion between them be enough to convince her to accept his hand in marriage? Or will her night of excitement simply leave her with vivid memories of what she’ll be missing?

Step into a breathtaking regency romance from bestselling author Linda Rae Sande. The Kiss of a Viscount will sweep you off your feet and give you a tantalizing read that you won’t soon forget. Scroll up and grab your copy today…

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

Keywords: first kiss, british aristocracy, love at first sight, mistress makes the man, Mayfair, London, earl, marquess, viscount, regency romance, historical romance

Word Count: 110,000

Sales info:

Winner of InD'tale Magazine's 2014 RONE Honorable Mention in Post-Medieval. Solid 4*+ rated book. Consistently in the top 20 in Amazon categories for Regency and British Historical Fiction.

Sample text:

Slowly lifting a finger, he paused before sliding the back of it along her jawline, barely touching her skin. He heard her breath catch and hold before he lowered his head over hers and slowly, very slowly, placed his lips over hers. He had planned to explain what he was doing every step of the way; for some reason, it seemed rather wrong to be describing what he was about to do.

Actions spoke louder than words, after all. And his actions were downright deafening.

Perhaps it was the effect of the champagne or maybe it was just the giddiness she had felt all evening, but Elizabeth took delight in the sensation of his firm lips—the wash of his warm breath over her cheek, the way his eyelids slowly closed over his eyes and the curve of his long dark, gold-tipped lashes as they rested against the tops of his cheekbones. Her first impression was to grin—the bare touch of his lips to hers tickled at first.

And then he pressed a bit harder. His lips parted a bit more, and hers followed, not wanting to lose their lock on his. The light scents of amber and sandalwood touched her nose, enhancing the taste of champagne on his lips. A tendril of pleasure shot through her belly, surprising her so that, a bit unsteady, she had to reach up with one hand to grab his lapel for support.

Thinking she meant to push him away, George quickly ended the kiss, reluctantly pulling his lips from hers but then trailing featherlight kisses down along her jawline before he thought he really should pull away. A whimper of what sounded like despair made him pause. A hand pressed against his jaw to move him back to where her lips were suddenly on his, capturing them so he was forced to respond in kind.

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Already translated. Translated by Jenny Riemer
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Translation in progress. Translated by ELAINE CARDOSO
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