The Ghouls of Calle Goya by Owen Jones

When Evil Comes From Good Intent

The ghouls of calle goya

Londoner Frank marries Joy, a beautiful young Thai, who works in town. She has always dreamed of going to the Costa del Sol, so they head to an apartment in Fuengirola loaned by Frank’s boss for their dream honeymoon.

Things start to go wrong when Joy fears that the apartment is haunted. Fear leads to depression and deepens into terror. Frank has no idea what to do, except take her back to her family in Thailand, but that brings its own misfortune.

Life finally looks brighter because of the intervention of a secret Scandinavian society.

This is the story of how Evil can result from good intentions.

Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Scandinavia, secret societies, norway, london, Costa del Sol, Fuengirola, Spain, Thailand, superstition, ghosts, ghouls, mental health

Word Count: 85,000

Sales info:

Calle Goya is one of my latest novels and has barely been promoted as yet, but has received a lot of interest locally (in Fuengirola) among tourists and Spaniards.

Sample text:


The old Baron was seated at the large, highly polished, teak and leather desk in his study looking out over the lake before him. He was short for a Norwegian, about five feet eight inches, had distinguished curly grey hair, a rather round face with brown, bespectacled eyes and was dressed casually in a dark green cashmere cardigan, open-necked shirt, and grey flannel trousers, since he was not expecting any visitors until possibly after lunch. The perfect silence was only occasionally broken by the sound of ice cracking on the lake outside or birds foraging for small fish in the shallows. The old castle had stood secluded in its large grounds for five centuries and the current baron had spent all of his time there after finishing his education. Quietness was ingrained in him.

When the long-awaited tap on the door eventually came, he answered it in a surprisingly loud voice.

“Enter! Ah, Maximillian, I hope that you have good news for me”. There was more than a hint of impatience in his voice.

“Yes, Herr Baron, I am certain that I have. The telephone line and the satellite dish have been restored to fully functioning order after the storm last night and the post has been delivered”. Maximillian proffered the silver tray he was carrying to the Baron, who picked up the dozen or so envelopes on it.

 “So, that means that telephone, broadband and satellite communications have been completely restored?”

“My tests suggest that that is indeed so, Herr Baron”.

“Very good. Thank you, Maximillian. You may proceed with the preparations. Is everything progressing as planned in that matter?”

“Yes, sir, there are no problems”.


Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by eva-maria peidelstein
Author review:
What Eva-Maria translated seems good, but she left out a whole chapter.
Already translated. Translated by Domesday Book
Author review:
Seika did a great job of creating a book that we can both be proud of.
Already translated. Translated by Berit Hurst
Author review:
Berit made a great job of the translation.
Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
Author review:
Excellent work again from Mr Benedetti!
Already translated. Translated by MAR COBOS VERA
Author review:
Well done! An excellent translation.
Already translated. Translated by Ulf Diktonius
Author review:
Ulf dis a great job of both the translation and the formatting. He was a pleasure to work with.

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