The Forest's Silence by Tao Wong

Book 6 of Adventures on Brad

Book 6 of bestselling slice of life fantasy

The forest's silence

Having escaped the Dungeon, Daniel and his new party members have just begun to relax before a new challenge awaits them. Tula, their Ranger, takes on an expedition quest into the wild's, dragging Daniel and his city-dwelling friends into a new environment. Together, they'll have to face unknown, new dangers, monstrous aerial creatures and learn about the greater dangers on Brad.

The Forest's Silence is book 6 of the Adventures on Brad, a young adult LitRPG / GameLit fantasy series. A slice-of-life adventure of everyday heroes attempting to make their living as Adventurers in a fantasy world inspired by your favorite isekai and Japanese light novels.


Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: litrpg, gamelit, jlit, light novel, fantasy, epic, myths, bestseller, young adult, asian lead

Word Count: 47305

Sales info:

Sixth book in the series. Overall, the series has sold over 20,000 copies.

Sample text:

Kaylee said nothing to his rude response, though her eyes grew a little colder as she spoke. “I am a seventeenth level Enchanter. The work here is both mine, my fellow apprentices, and my Master’s. Today is my turn to watch the shop.”

“Right. Sorry,” Daniel said, scratching his head and offering the woman a half-smile. Kaylee just gestured, and Daniel took a breath, exhaling slowly as he thought of what to say. “I’m a healer. I used to fight on the frontlines. Well, I still do. But I need to hit harder. And be a little better defended. Not much. I’m a plate and shield user.”

“I see,” Kaylee said, glancing over Daniel once more. “Is there a reason why you haven’t purchased enchanted defenses?”

“Well, not really,” Daniel said. “I just thought of this now. Or well, had the funds for it now. And I’m in a bit of a rush for an upgrade. And a full suit is both expensive and time-consuming.”

Kaylee could only nod at that. They both knew that enchanting a full suit of plate mail would be extremely expensive. Instead, Kaylee tapped her lips with one finger, beginning to chew on a fingernail in thought before she pulled it out of her mouth with a jerk.

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