The Forbidden Truth: Season Two by Prasenjeet Kumar

If you liked the Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones, you will fall in love with The Forbidden Truth, too.

The forbidden truth: season two

“When a nation refuses to admit they have an enemy, what’s the chance they’d be willing to protect their citizens from that enemy?”

General Shoriveer, The Forbidden Truth, Season Two

In their quest for the Book of Truth, Noora and his team reach Cynthia, the high altitude god-forsaken border town in the north of Sidua, somewhere in the mountain range of Sheenyuki.

The enemy is watching their every step and preparing for a surprise attack.

Surrounded and outnumbered, there is no way Yadu, Noora, and his team can continue with their journey. They’ll have to fight the enemy head on. With no reinforcements to back them up. And what is worse: winters have started to set in. The bone-chilling harsh winters of Cynthia.

And who is this mysterious Dev, who has convinced everyone that he’s their ally? Is he really what he says he is?

Can Yadu’s magic help? And what can the mythical, magical Sword of Sringeri do?

Get set to ride a roller-coaster tale of adventure filled with magical spells and intriguing twists and turns at every step that’ll make you wonder who the good persons are and who are not.

If you liked the Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones, you will fall in love with THE FORBIDDEN TRUTH, too.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy india, bollywood fiction, india fiction, fantasy indian authors, epic fantasy, fantasy indian

Word Count: 32,000 words approx.

Sample text:


“Ah… the short-cut worked. Looks like we’re now ahead of them,” Yosh said.

Others nodded and smirked with unhidden glee at the prospect of meeting their prey soon. The four Malsian soldiers had been riding almost non-stop through the tropical forest along the ferocious River Sidve.

Yosh was looking at his ruby, which was flashing. He chanted a mantra and could immediately see Noora, Yadu, and Ila riding their horses.

“They’ve obviously left Roopgarh, and are on their way to Sringeri. That’s perfect… but there is one… ahem, problem.”

“What is it?” Omar was alarmed.

“The girl.”

“What?” Unis asked.

“Yes, that girl,” Yosh replied, pointing to Ila’s image on the ruby. “I recognise her, and the chances are—she may recognise me, too.”

“How’s that possible?” Isbek asked. “We’ve never been here before. This is Siduan territory. Nobody knows us here.”

“Yes… and no. Because this girl does,” Yosh said. “After all… it was me… yours truly… who had the pleasure of executing her father.”

The more Yosh answered, the more it confused the others.

“Executed her father?” Unis was incredulous. “But you’ve never been here.”

“It was not here, stupid, but in Malsia,” Yosh clarified. “This girl escaped from Malsia.”

“You mean… she’s a Malsian?” Omar asked.


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