The Forbidden Truth: Season One by Prasenjeet Kumar

If you liked the Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones, you will fall in love with The Forbidden Truth, too.

The forbidden truth: season one

“If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Entangled in their own petty politics, the people of the Republic of Sidua have forgotten who their real enemy is. Instead, they make speaking the forbidden truth a punishable offence!

In the adjacent Kingdom of Malsia, Yosh and his men are asked to carry out an important mission. To find the Book of the Truth and destroy it. Because only the Book of the Truth can destroy them.

In the Siduan capital of Hema, Noora, a seventeen-year-old lad too is entrusted with an immense task — to undertake a perilous journey to find the Book of the Truth. For only the Book of Truth can save Sidua from its enemies.

Thus, the stage is set for an epic battle for possessing the Book of the Truth.

Get set to ride a roller-coaster tale of adventure filled with crystal balls and magical spells and find out if they can defeat the indomitable spirit of humankind.

If you liked the Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones, you will fall in love with The Forbidden Truth, too.



Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: epic fantasy, bollywood fantasy, fantasy indian authors, fantasy action and adventure, indian fantasy, bollywood fiction

Word Count: 38,000 words

Sales info:

The book is from an author who has been on the No. 1 on the Amazon chart list for quite some of his books.

Sample text:

Noora Rumak was born in the city of Hema—the capital of the Republic of Sidua. Tall, cloud-piercing mountains that remained covered with snow for a good four to six months surrounded Hema from all sides. Hema also meant snow in Siduan language, but that was another matter.

If you thought the city was beautiful, then beauty hadn’t truly been described.

Hema changed colours with every season. In spring, the city turned pink with almond and cherry blossoms. And the villages turned yellow with a profusion of mustard flowers. Then came summer. And everything turned lush green, with paddy growing all-around, and every tree sprouting new leaves. With the departure of summer, came autumn. And Hema turned golden, brown, red, rust—and all other shades in-between these bewitching colours.

There was a magical giant lake at the centre; the Siduans called it Saras. Saras not only changed colours with day or night or with seasons, but whenever Sidua was at war. The lake turned white when Sidua faced no threat, with peace and prosperity all-around. And it turned black—when a terrible tragedy was about to befall it.

Just as Hema was not painted with a single colour brush, so weren’t the Siduans. The people of Sidua did not follow one religion, culture, or custom. Oh, but don’t be fooled. Religion was a big thing everywhere you went. Hema and other cities of the republic were littered with temples dedicated to all kinds of gods.

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Already translated. Translated by Valentina Beninca'
Author review:
Valentina is a very enthusiastic translator. I really appreciated the fact that she asked a lot of questions which is a great quality to have as a translator.
Already translated. Translated by Rebeca Rodrigues Vargas e Souza
Already translated. Translated by Ricardo Garcia and Sandra Alcántar

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