The Flame by Gayle Trent

She's the Auntie-Hero!

The flame

Sparks flew from the moment they met.

Beryl Madison answers her summons to teacher Terry Goodson's second-grade classroom to defend her nephew's "odd behavior" like an avenging angel. It seems poor little Duncan "is having some type of fantasy ideation"--he's been telling some of his classmates that his aunt is a superhero. 

When Beryl shows up in a yellow catsuit with orange flames, a mardi gras mask, and red stiletto boots, Terry thinks he's the one having the fantasy ideation now. Come to find out, Beryl is merely in her work clothes. One of her jobs is playing "The Flame" for a local television station's morning children's show. 

The next day Terry goes to the Internal Revenue Service for an audit of his personal income tax return and learns all about Beryl's other job. While auditing the return, Beryl suspects that the attorney who handled Terry's late uncle's estate has swindled several clients.

As they work together to bring justice to those swindled by the seedy attorney, they learn that the spontaneous combustion each sets off in the other is more than a physical attraction. Could this once-in-a-lifetime explosion be the love they both want? Or will they wind up blowing their relationship to smithereens? 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English


Word Count: 47000 (approx.)

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This book has not yet been released. It is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on April 19. It is currently ranked on Amazon at 

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Sample text:

"Sorry I'm late," she said to the back of the man putting a model of the solar system onto a bulletin board.  She assumed he could be no other than Mr. Terrence E. Goodson, sender of the note that had made her simmer all weekend.

"No problem," the man said, rudely proceeding with the placement of his solar system.  "I'll be finished with this in a few minutes."

"We had some problems on the set this morning, and I was on my way to the dressing room when I realized I had only fifteen minutes to get here."

He shrugged, still placing little planets on the bulletin board.  "I had sat aside time for you this morning, and I merely needed to know whether you were coming or not."

"Well, I'm here now.  What's this about?"

"I think Duncan is having some sort of whimsical ideation."

"Really."  She said it flatly so that it was a statement rather than a question.

"Yes.  I heard him telling a classmate that his aunt--you, I presume--is some sort of… superhero."  He placed a tiny Jupiter on the board and stood back to survey his masterpiece.  "It's not unusual for a child who has endured a tragedy such as Duncan has, but--" He turned at last, and Beryl had the satisfaction of watching his jaw drop.  "I…you--" He placed his hands on his trim hips.  "Holy Frederick's of Hollywood, Batman, is this some kind of joke?"

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