The Final Thaw by Karl Hanson

Book 3 of The Third Thaw series

The Ultimate Science Adventure

The final thaw

Planet K851b is located 26 light years from Earth. The Thaws came to this planet as frozen embryos and were birthed and raised by robots.

80,000 years in the future, the inhabitants of Planet K851b, now the Third Thaws, face obstacles to their survival. Newly graduated Cadets are on a field mission to make surveys when a small group is separated from the remainder of the troops.

Among them are Third Thaw leaders Horst Apoteker and Adam Timoshenko, who have already survived treacherous trips across the planet and murderous betrayals from within their own ranks.

On this field mission, Horst and Adam discover a shocking truth. And now they must race to save the last remnants of humanity.

Back on Earth, the planet faces certain annihilation by a 100 mile diameter asteroid. With only two weeks remaining until the predicted impact, the original planner of the Third Thaw Mission, Charles Timoshenko and his wife, Elise, discover an ancient artifact, one that represents a possible connection to Planet K851b – another piece of an enormous puzzle in science.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Time Travel

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Planet K851b, robots, time travel, meteors, meteor crater, Chicago

Word Count: 89595

Sample text:

When Tom Johnson pulled the Lincoln Navigator into the Arabella Hotel’s parking lot in Sedona, Arizona, he immediately caught sight of his customers, an older couple, sitting on a bench under the porte cochère. Tom usually gave group tours, but today’s tour was going to be private. He thought it strange the couple hadn’t just rented a car, but Greg, his boss, said they had insisted he should be their guide.

Taking off his Ray-Bans, he glanced at the rearview mirror. His new front teeth looked good. Getting dental implants was the best decision I ever made! He got the implants after his two upper front teeth snapped off while he was eating a Skor’s bar.

Tom was in his early sixties. He was still a handsome man---especially with his new teeth. To reinforce his “western tour guide” persona, he typically dressed as a cowboy, sporting bison leather boots, a silver belt with a big metal buckle saying “Arizona,” and a red checkered shirt. As a nice touch, he wore a little bolo shoestring necktie, just like the one Colonel Sanders used to wear. He was especially proud of his leather Stetson cowboy hat, which had cost him $495 in Santa Fe.

Grabbing his Stetson, his clipboard, and a Bic pen, he stepped out of the luxury SUV to greet his clients.

“Howdy, folks!” Tom said in a boisterous voice, turning on his cowboy charm to maximum effect. “I assume you folks are Charles and Elise Timoshenko.”

“That would be us, Tom,” said the man, with a half-grin.

“Hi,” said the woman in a flat voice, without looking up. She seemed preoccupied with her rings, which she was repeatedly twisting.

Tom looked Charles straight in the eye, giving him a vigorous handshake.

“Pleased to meet ya’, Charles. I’m Tom Johnson, your guide.”


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