The Enemy Within by Prasenjeet Kumar

A gripping, fast paced, espionage thriller that will keep you awake at night.

The enemy within

The Enemy Within: A gripping, fast paced, espionage thriller that will keep you awake at night.

Indian Army Major Akhil Thapar, now on deputation to R&AW, is tasked to infiltrate a ruthless module of the ISIS terrorists in India.

The aim: To find out what they are planning and to sabotage that.

The challenge: Can you do that without knowing your enemy from within?

In parallel, his wife Amrita Arora, a TV journalist with SDTV, senses something is not right in her workplace. Some journalists have died under mysterious circumstances. Their distraught family members suspect the enemy from within.

Things heat up when the government accuses her news channel of being a money laundering conduit. Of what???  For whom?  And for what purpose?

Follow Major Akhil Thapar and Amrita Arora as they both embark on their own perilous journeys to reach the bottom of the truth.

And be prepared to be shocked when their missions converge.

Genre: FICTION / Espionage

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Political

Language: English

Keywords: fiction kashmir, india pakistan afghanistan, indian fiction, bollywood fiction, thrillers espionage, indian thrillers

Word Count: 38,000 words approx.

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This book is from an author who has been on many Amazon best-seller charts in the past.

Sample text:


Major Akhil Thapar woke up with a start. Sweat dripped from his forehead on to his nose. The swoosh, swoosh, swoosh sound of the ceiling fan was doing him no good. His nightmares were back.

Things were hazy, in fragments, in some sort of flashback. But he knew this nightmare too related to Poonch where he was then posted with 1/5 Gurkha Rifles just a few years back.

What a freezing night it was, with the cold air slapping his face. There was snow everywhere.

His unit had information that five Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists from Pakistan were hiding inside a mosque. Akhil was tasked to lead the operation, and he with his boys could soon surround the mosque. He used a megaphone to command the terrorists to surrender. Standard procedure. In response, they heard gunshots. Quite predictable.

His men returned the fire. The sound of blazing guns from both sides was deafening. Smoke filled the air. Akhil’s throat was hurting. Then the terrorists hurled hand grenades. The shrapnel caught some of his boys by surprise who shrieked, more in anger than pain.

The gun battle lasted a few hours. Four terrorists were killed, one escaped.

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