The Enchanted Princess by Dawn Brower

A Battle has begun... Can Princess Elodie win?

The enchanted princess

As the royal heir of Zelnon, Princess Elodie should be living a charmed life. It is enchanting in a diabolical way that could destroy not only her existence but those she cares about as well. Her coronation is set for her eighteenth birthday, but an evil force is determined to destroy any chance she has of becoming queen.

A week before her birthday a curse is enacted sending her to the nightmare realm of Malediction—sweeping her, a trusted guard, and the prince of a neighboring kingdom into its dark clutches. Escaping the world is impossible, but if they don’t find a way out they will either die or become permanent residents of the dreamscape. If Elodie doesn’t return home in time her kingdom could be lost to her forever.

As they battle for their lives, every decision exacts a monumental price. They must make sacrifices that will burn holes into their souls and every step brings new risks. With victory within reach, they realize that it comes with an irremediable loss and must suffer the consequences of their actions.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Legends, Myths, Fables / General

Language: English

Keywords: Coming of Age, Dragon, Knight, Romance, Witch

Word Count: 55000

Sales info:

My books sell fairly well. This is the first book of a trilogy of Young Adult books and a new venture for me.

Sample text:

Cale stood momentarily stunned as Elodie stepped out of his reach. She pulled both of her swords out and assumed a fighting position. Her knight shook his head lightly, unprepared for her attack. She lunged forward twirling as she approached him. Both of her blades met with the steel of his sword. They danced like that for several heartbeats. She would lunge and he’d parry, the sounds of their blades meeting echoing through the valley. He was stronger, but she was more agile. Part of her training was learning to use that to her advantage.

Elodie ran toward Cale, flipped in the air and landed on the other side of him. He turned as her elbow came up to meet his nose. Blood spurted out as the bone cracked. He wiped his face and looped his arm around her waist pulling her toward him. She spun out of his grasp and dropped to the ground. Cale stalked forward, probably thinking he had the advantage. Her lips tilted upward as she lifted one of her blades to meet his, and then twisted her legs around his ankle and knocked him to the ground. His sword fell out of his hand as he braced himself for impact. Elodie leaped to her feet and stalked over to his side. Cale rolled onto his back to meet the brush of her blade at his throat.

“Do you concede?”

A low rumble filled the air as Cale’s laughter spilled out of him. “It’s about damn time.”

Elodie was confused. Time for what? Instead of asking, she demanded, “Admit defeat.” She’d knick him if she had to, but she’d already cracked his nose. Marring any more of his skin didn’t sit well with her.

“Princess,” he said lightly. “I admitted defeat months ago when you charmed me into training you.” He rolled to his side and stood. “But aye, today you won, and with tactics I could never have taught you.”

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The book is available for translation into any language.

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