The Dragon Librarian by Marc Secchia

A blind girl becomes Librarian to the Dragons

The dragon librarian

Blind. Outcast. Accursed. From the Meanest of Beginnings, Greatness Will Rise.

Abandoned at birth by her parents, Auli-Ambar is seen as a child blighted by a callous talon-stroke of fate. A worthless burden. She is blind, severely disfigured, and fit only for the most menial tasks. Then, a simple act of kindness changes her life. Flown to the Halls of the Dragons, the painfully shy girl becomes a cleaner of Dragon roosts, and a helpless wanderer of the Dragon Library.

Here, Auli is able to walk amidst the lore she is drawn to so profoundly. Touch it. Imagine worlds within scrolls. She thrills to the hallowed scents of knowledge, but aches for what blindness has forever denied her. In the cruellest of ironies, Auli discovers she possesses a magic that makes people and Dragons forget her very existence. This is disremembrance, the accursed power of loneliness. She can only despair.

One will not forget. Deep amidst the forbidden racks of draconic scroll lore, where Auli-Ambar has unwittingly breached the protective wards, the young Dragon scholar, Arkurion the Mercury Blue, will discover her true gift and ignite its flame. Now, in the environs of a magical library overseen by the mighty Dragon Librarian Sazutharr, the extraordinary courage and integrity of a blind girl will finally be given the chance to blossom.

Little do they suspect that the fate of all Dragonkind will rest in her hands.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Language: English

Keywords: dragon, blind, epic, magic, fantasy, adventure

Word Count: 159166

Sales info:

In excess of 20,000 copies. Gold award in the 2019 Elit Book Awards for Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Sample text:

In the Year of the Four Kings, I entered the Island-World an accursed creature. It was the day of the summer solstice, the hottest since record-keeping began five centuries ago. Some said Fra’anior’s throat had opened. Others feared that the volcano would surely erupt and scatter the ashes of its denizens across the Island-World.

Of course, I remember nothing of that frenzied season of political upheaval, nor would I learn the circumstances by which King Chalcion came to seize the Onyx Throne until much, much later. The repercussions, like my own unfortunate birth, reverberated through the ambit of our lifespans like the thundering of a monstrous Dragon’s paw upon the drum-skein of unknowable fate.

This is the paean of my pain, spilled upon the scrolleaf.

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Already translated. Translated by Montse Martí L
Author review:
Montse was excellent to work with, thorough, professional and delivered on time. Highly recommended.

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