The Days of Dance: Following the Heart or Living the Dream by J. Steele

It was a dream come true. Ellie has become a contestant in the National Art of Dance Competition.

The days of dance: following the heart or living the dream

It was a dream come true. Ellie has become a contestant in the National Art of Dance Competition. And she has no intention of accepting anything less than first place.

But it isn't her skills alone that will be the deciding factor. Every dancer in the competition is given a partner. Ellie's been paired Alexander, a dancer who is at least as handsome as he is talented.

Ellie cannot deny her attraction to the confident, almost cocky, dancer. Will they end up being partners off the dance floor, too? Or will their feelings just end up getting in the way of Ellie's dream?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, fiction, love, dance, novel

Word Count: 5200

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Sample text:

Ellie nervously placed her nametag on her shirt, looking around the room at the other contestants. She took a deep breathe, having a hard time believing that she had finally made it. The National Art of Dance Competition, she thought to herself, excitement flowing freely through her. Over the next five days she would be matched with a partner, get lessons from famous choreographers, and end it all with a national dance competition.

Ellie looked down at her itinerary, scanning over her schedule for the week. She would be meeting her partner soon, and she couldn’t help but worry she might not end up with someone she liked. Ellie shook her head and reminded herself that she has had countless dance partners over the years, real talent doesn’t depend on someone else.

A woman walked onto a stage in front of a sea of tables that sat the contestants. She kindly asked everyone to take a seat at their assigned table. Ellie quickly walked over to the tables, searching for her name card. When she found her table she sat down quickly, there was another man and woman seated at the table. Ellie turned to her left, concerned that her partner had yet to reach the table. Her eyes flashed down to the name card next to her, Alexander was printed neatly in cursive. There was a heavy enigmatic weight to the mystery behind his name. So much of her dream dependent on a man she had never met.

A voice pulled Ellie from her internal musing. She looked up at the gorgeous blonde woman who sat across from her. Her features dripped with daunting beauty, with glowing blue eyes and a set of full rose-colored lips.

“My name is Julia, it’s nice to meet you.” she said sweetly, offering Ellie a kind smile.

The man next to Julia introduced himself as well. “I’m Chad.” he said nodding at Ellie.

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