The Crusader's Kiss by Claire Delacroix

Bartholomew burns to avenge the past—until Anna gives him a future…

The crusader's kiss

Bartholomew returns to England to avenge his parents and reclaim his stolen legacy, only to be challenged by a band of thieves in the woods of the estate that was once his home. He captures the bold leader, only to discover that she is a maiden in disguise, with the wit and audacity that seizes his attention. He suggests a mock marriage to gain access to the keep, never guessing the union will tempt them both to desire more—but can Bartholomew trust a woman who survives by deception?
Anna wants only justice for the people of Haynesdale, no matter what the price, and does not welcome the interference of a foreign knight, however handsome he might be. Bartholomew could be a useful ally, if only she could be certain of his goals. Is this maddening and charming knight just using her to learn all she knows of the holding’s history for some mysterious cause?
When Bartholomew’s identity as the lost heir of Haynesdale is revealed, he becomes the prey of those who destroyed his family. Can he and Anna forget their distrust and work together for the future of Haynesdale—and their dawning love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Medieval

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Ancient World

Language: English

Keywords: marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, opposites attract, class war, disguise, hidden heir, action adventure

Word Count: 102,000

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This is the third book in a linked series. Please do not offer to translate it before The Crusader's Bride and The Crusader's Heart.

Sample text:

Bartholomew was torn between his loyalties.

He knelt in the chapel all night before his investiture as a knight and wrestled with his decision. When Gaston offered to dub him a knight, Bartholomew had immediately thought that he might return to England. As a knight, he could challenge the villain who had stolen the holding that had been his birthright. As a knight, he could defend justice and ensure that his parents were avenged. As a knight, he could claim his family holding of Haynesdale if it had been abandoned and appeal to the king for its return to his hand. His first thoughts had been all of opportunity and triumph.

Still, there had been a seed of doubt. Gaston had been more than good to him. That knight had found Bartholomew, orphaned in the streets of Paris, when he had been only a young boy. Gaston had not only ensured his welfare but trained him as a squire when he was too young and small to be one. Though there was only a little more than ten years between them, Gaston could have been Bartholomew’s father, given the role the older knight had played in his life. Now, Gaston not only would knight Bartholomew—at considerable expense—but had offered him an opportunity as Captain of the Guard, defending the borders of Châmont-sur-Maine.

Did he not owe it to Gaston to take this role?

Bartholomew’s doubts had increased when the party arrived at Gaston’s newly won holding to discover that the husband of Gaston’s niece was displeased to find Gaston arriving home and hale. It was clear to all that Millard had aspirations to claim Châmont-sur-Maine for his own, and might well have done so already if Gaston had been further delayed. Though the matter had been resolved in Gaston’s favor, Bartholomew was aware that his good friend could face additional challenges. Gaston might well need every blade he could summon to his side.

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