The Crusader's Handfast by Claire Delacroix

Duncan loved and lost—until Radegunde convinced him to surrender his heart again.

The crusader's handfast

After the loss of his wife, Duncan has earned his way as a warrior-for-hire, certain he will never have a home of his own again. Merry Radegunde convinces him to celebrate the life he has and Duncan finds himself unexpectedly beguiled—though he knows the difference in their ages means any match is doomed…

Radegunde has never cared for the rules of others and sees no reason to deny true love. She vows to win Duncan’s reluctant heart and convince the honorable warrior to not only love again but hope for more than mere survival—and Duncan is seduced. He takes her hand in his, vowing a match for a year and a day, hoping he can build them a future in that time…

But possession of the Templar treasure imperils those they serve and love, compelling Radegunde and Duncan to choose between their own desires and the greater good. Duncan’s own legacy holds the key, but can he claim his birthright without sacrificing his dream of a future with Radegunde?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Medieval

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Scottish

Language: English

Keywords: may-december, later in life, slow burn, friends to lovers, hidden heir, protector, suspense, warrior

Word Count: 118,300

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This is book 5 of a complete series. Please do not offer to translate this book first.

Sample text:

Radegunde leaned back against the wooden door to her lady’s chamber, listening to the laughter from within the room. Lady Ysmaine’s merriment was followed by the rumble of her lord husband’s chuckle, and the combination made Radegunde smile.

She was fiercely glad that her lady had found happiness after all the trials she had endured. Widowed twice yet still a maiden, Ysmaine had embarked upon a pilgrimage to Jerusalem with Radegunde by her side, only to be robbed by the men hired to defend her. The two women had been left impoverished. Such was the lady’s will that they had continued to the Holy City. Though it had been an arduous journey, they had arrived there after a year of hardship.

Radegunde had to believe that the pilgrimage had achieved its objective, for Lady Ysmaine had been lifted from her knees in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Gaston, a Templar knight who left the military order to return to France and claim his inherited holding. Radegunde had liked the knight from the outset, for he saw Lady Ysmaine’s merit even when she was at her lowest spirits and dressed in rags. He had been kind, and though Radegunde had been vexed with his refusal to consult with his wife on their journey west, all had come right in the end. It was clear to Radegunde on this night that the pair shared an affectionate match, and one that could only grow more ardent over the years to come.

While she was happy for her lady, there could be no more stark contrast with her own life than this. Radegunde had no man and no prospect of true love. Worse, almost two years of adventure had made her former life pale in comparison. While Lady Ysmaine embarked upon the life she had been raised to expect and did so with enthusiasm, Radegunde had little enthusiasm for her inevitable fate.

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