The Church Murders (Greek Island Mystery 2) : A stand-alone thriller by Luke Christodoulou

Mystery Under The Greek Sun

The church murders (greek island mystery 2) : a stand-alone thriller

The picturesque Greek Isles are once again unsettled by death...
Hellenic Police Captain COSTA PAPACOSTA and Lieutenant IOLI CARA are back, faced with four brutal cases all strangely connected to the Greek church.
A reporter investigating the existence of a Gospel written by Jesus himself is found stabbed to death on the island of Salamina while a lawyer and a young girl have gone missing.
In Santorini, the most beautiful of all Greek islands, bodies are piling up fast. Murder after murder, our officers are left puzzled. All the clues are there, but who is the killer?
The Ionian islands. Seven islands, seven bodies. Suicides or foul play?
Ioli’s lack of faith is tested by a boy experiencing stigmata on the island of Kefallonia. Could his marks be for real?
Time is against the two investigators and lives are on the line...
Join Papacosta and Cara on a roller coaster of emotions, death and faith. Follow the trail of mystery across the majestic Greek islands and try to solve the puzzle before the shocking end!

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

Language: English


Word Count: 65000

Sales info:

The book is the second in my Greek Island Mysteries book series of stand-alone thrillers. It has so far sold 6000ebooks and hundreds of paperbacks. It keeps selling as the first was a number 1 bestseller and a third has been released, helping THE CHURCH MURDERS keep selling, daily! It reached the Top10 in its Amazon categories and was No.1 for weeks in the category of books set in Greece. It has been nominated for BOTM on Goodreads in five different groups.

Sample text:

Chapter 1

The winter sun vanished behind the verdant hills that bordered the outskirts of the Megalopolis of Athens and light surrendered its place to darkness.

The same dilemma every December. Did I hate that it got dark from 5 pm more than I hated the suffocating heat of the summer? Spring. Now, there is a perfect season. Maybe I was just getting grumpier as I unwillingly approached the threshold of my life’s fifth decade.

I turned on my Audi’s headlights and smiled upon hearing the sound of the skies rumbling above. I loved driving in the rain and my black car needed to shed off gathered dust.

Route 56 is a bore. One long, straight line of a road, always loaded with traffic and with a view of endless, grey, dull apartment blocks. Others would have taken the Metro to Piraeus, but I never did have much so-called common sense.  I was in no rush to see the department’s shrink and my empty apartment did not mind if I returned home early or late. I turned off the motorway and headed down to Akti Miaouli. Outside, the wind was busy playing around with dried up leaves and the clouds above shot down fat drops of rain.

I parked opposite the modern, glass building that housed Dr. Ariadne Metaxa’s private office. She worked office hours, every Tuesday and Thursday, at police headquarters, but I preferred to attend her private practice. It gave me time to unwind from work and put on my fake, friendly and joyful mask before visiting her. I did not need a psychologist meddling inside my brain. I needed her clearance to get back to active duty.

I exited my car and stood for a moment in the pouring rain, enjoying every drop that ran down my face, before running across the bustling road. Everyone, without an umbrella, was running to cover themselves from the menacing drops. Some get cleansed by the rain, some just get wet.

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Already translated. Translated by colette vicario
Already translated. Translated by Gruia Logojan
Already translated. Translated by Nikoletta Samoili
Already translated. Translated by Simona Trapani
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Excellent translation!
Already translated. Translated by Jose Henrique Lamensdorf
Already translated. Translated by Jesus M. Gonzalez
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Another translation well done!

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