The Call of Monsters by JB Trepagnier

My Greeky mythology classes never prepared me for getting kidnapped by Hades to tend to his monsters

The call of monsters

People might used to have worshipped the Olympians, but I never did. I’ll kill every last one of them to get Hephaestus back.

I used to love my Greek mythology classes until I got kidnapped and actually met some Gods. I took Hephaestus as a lover and Hades and Persephone are not all that bad, but the rest of them?

They hurt my monsters. Zeus kidnapped Hephaestus and is doing who knows what to him for making a knife when it was me that used it to kill Demeter. The Olympians took Hephaestus because they can’t even entertain the notion that a lowly half demon killed one of them.

I know why no one said anything when Zeus came to the Underworld. I know there’s a plan to get Hephaestus back. There’s also a lot I don’t know that I need to learn fast. I have this mysterious demonic form from my father that I need to learn to access. Hephaestus made all these weapons capable of taking down Olympians if they came, but I don’t know how to use them. I’m not going to get lucky again like I did with Demeter.

I have to learn all this and I have to learn it in a hurry because I know between Hades and my father, if I don’t, I’ll be grounded in my room when everyone tries to rescue my God. And I’ve got a personal beef with his father for all the hurt he did towards Hephaestus.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Witches

Language: English

Keywords: reverse harem paranormal, reverse harem demons, reverse harem monsters, reverse harem gods, reverse harem greeks

Word Count: 70972

Sales info:

This is my best selling series and has over 50K downloads. It's been out 2 years, but monster romances are really hot right now and it continues to do well

Sample text:

“Please tell me we are going to Olympus now,” she said.

Hades ran his fingers through his black hair.

“Hephaestus jumped the gun and escaped. Zeus will most likely be coming here to search for him.”

“Where is he?” River demanded.

I’d like to know that myself. Hephaestus always came to River when he was here. The only time he was apart from her was when he was on god business. Was he caught? Hades looked furious and started pacing.

“Hephaestus has some good points and some terrible ones. On the one hand, Zeus will not stop now that he knows there’s a weapon out there like that. On the other, Hephaestus wants to kill Zeus.”

And the problem with that was what now? Kill them all. I’d never dined on Olympian before. I’d knife them in the heart and feast on god flesh. Fuck, I’d eat every last one of them until I got a little tummy ache. I looked at Pavlina, and she gave me a curt nod. She wouldn’t mind eating them either. They’d hurt every last person in this room, including Hades.

Kimon just rumbled.

“I think we should let him. Zeus hurt Hephaestus, and I doubt they were having tea while Zeus had him now. Kill them all!”

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