The Black Wolf's Mark by P. Torres

teen or young adult romance

The black wolf's mark

When the seventh male son from a same family is born, it occurs ‘the black wolf curse’ over this child.
And this baby must be sacrificed for the good of all humanity.
Or the black beast will awake after 277 full moons.

Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: wolves, wolf, paranormal romance, witch, fantasy book, young adult, teens

Word Count: 21.420

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Sample text:

Chapter 1


Vistancia Village


A mother has given birth to her seventh male son and as soon as he is born she is hindered from breast-feeding or suckling.

However, that woman cries as soon as several men from her village arrive and take the child from her arms.



She cries losing her self-control and her husband hugs her with zeal and says.

“Darling, we cannot stay with this child.”

“He is our son!” she insists, fearing to lost her son forever. She gazed down at her son’s face and perceived she loved him so much. He was a part of her and she should try to save him from harm.

“He is cursed!” her husband insists and makes plane his wife’s hair.

With that the little boy that ended up coming to light is carried to a house in the village where a group of ten men are waiting for him.

“Here he is,” a grizzled haired man says, bringing the little boy in his arms.

“Give an end to this child’s life! He cannot remain among us,” the village leader orders while he verifies the state of the child. “But first of all, he needs to be marked.”

They take the child to the outside of the house and they walk to a lit bonfire. The village leader holds a steel stick and brings the lance’s tip into red - hot fire.  After some time he pulls the lance and walks in the direction of the grizzled haired man, who is holding the child.

“Turn him around!” the leader orders him.


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