The Bespelled Knight by Dawn Brower

Elodie, Princess of Zelnon has a mission

The bespelled knight

Elodie, Princess of Zelnon has a mission. More than one to be exact. She has certain things to check off of her list: save the knight, escape Malediction, and overthrow her step-mother Fiona's rule of her kingdom. One of those alone is daunting, but all three?

As she travels with Prince Daire, an overzealous bird, and a white tiger with silver stripes. she is forced to make decisions that will affect them all. Each step they take brings a new challenge to overcome. Death becomes a very real possibility and she has to make a decision that alters someone she cares about irrevocably. 

Saving herself is becoming increasingly impossible, and each choice seems to make matters worse. As they travel through the nightmare realm of Malediction, rescuing her knight might be the last thing she's able to do. Trusting her allies becomes even more difficult and in the end, Malediction might claim them after-all.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Language: English

Keywords: dragon, magic, fantasy, royalty

Word Count: 45000

Sales info:

I am a USA Today Bestselling Author.

Sample text:

The blue sky swirled with white mist as rain drizzled down on her. The magic infused with her blood refused to be calmed. Elodie had to figure out her new ability before it brought about a disastrous outcome. What would it take for her to gain some control? How difficult could it be to wield a bit of magic? On cue, the sky darkened, and then a torrential downpour unleashed its fury, drenching her into a sopping mess.

She swore under her breath and tried to wipe the water off her face to no avail. It would be so easy to give up and accept her fate as it stood. Life in a horror filled land infused with magic would greet her each morning—what a fabulous way to start the day. Sarcasm and general snarkiness wouldn’t aid her in the quest she’d set for herself. Her discomfort didn’t mean a damn thing.

Cale did—heck, even Daire meant something to her. The prince had somehow wormed his way into her life, and she’d started to care. So laying down and giving up was not a possibility. If she did, then she’d never see her home again and Fiona would win. That alone was enough to make her reassess her situation. She had to figure it out because it wasn’t just her life at stake. Cale had taken a chance, a foolish one nonetheless, but it had been on her behalf. Because of it, he was trapped in the skin of a dragon.

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