The Awakening by Lorhainne Eckhart

A young woman who's lost everything, and the wealthy rancher who must choose between his family's power and his conscience to help her.

The awakening

A young woman who's lost everything, and the wealthy rancher who must choose between his family's power and his conscience to help her.

—Such an amazing story! The despair and the kindness from others gave this story a real meaning...Down2earth Girl

—Well written story about overcoming the stigma of "lower" class and "upper" class! It was love story that kept me reading to see if it would turn out the way I hoped! ...Bartow

—“The author brought to life a story that is all but too often right in front of our faces, but we are too busy to see.” Amazon Reviewer Grammy

In THE AWAKENING, Laura, a young single mother is barely making ends meet working as a maid at the Friessen mansion. Until one day she is fired, the next day she is evicted, and two days later her son is taken away.

Wealthy rancher Andy Friessen can have any woman he wants, but when Laura is fired by his mother over something he was responsible for, well his conscience gets the better of him and he steps in to help. The problem is when he goes looking for Laura he not only discovers she's been living in her car, but the state took her child away.

With Andy standing beside her through a courtroom fiasco, they must fight together to regain custody of her son.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Western

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Sagas

Language: English

Keywords: alpha male, western romance, small town and rural, single mother , unexpected hero, wealthy rancher

Word Count: 45000

Sales info:

Spent ten months in the the top 100 for Western Romance and Romance Series on Amazon hitting the #1 spot for Western Romance, has now been released retailer wide

Currently book 5 of a big family romance series that now spans three series. This series has sold over 750,000 and is my most requested series. 

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Sample text:

“Get this god-awful tree out of here!” Andy shouted as he stormed into the grand library, his dark hide boots barely making a sound on the rich scarlet carpet as he cut a path toward his large mahogany desk. The library was his domain, a showpiece of the Friessen mansion. It was a very masculine room, filled with browns and reds, dark wood, leather chairs, oil paintings worth more than the estate, a room Andy had appointed as his office.

“Sir, your mother ordered this tree and left instructions for it to be set up and decorated in this very room,” Laura, a very young, pretty blond maid responded without glancing Andy’s way. She pursed her soft red lips and continued to hang bright green ornaments on the vibrant white tree.

Andy slid his large hand under a branch of the Douglas-fir. “I didn’t know that fir trees grew white. What, did you have this dyed?”

This time, the maid glanced at Andy with those sea-green eyes, wearing the ugly maid uniform that hung like a grain sack from what he could only imagine was a slim body underneath. It was the most unflattering getup, with a starched collar and buttoned up to her chin. And, of course, Andy being Andy, he couldn’t help wondering how she’d look in something low cut, slinky, and black. Preferably something that fit her like a second skin and showed off the generous bust he was pretty sure was buried under that stiff black cloth.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Viviana Rafaella Gaetani Chinchilla

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