The art of stage by Burling Hull

This books talks about how to imporve showmanship for magicians

The art of stage

All of the magic greats have it. It's that special "something" that enables a performer to take command of the stage from the moment they enter until they bow off to thunderous applause. That "something" is Stagecraft and Showmanship. And it doesn't happen by chance or luck. It happens through planning, preparation and mastery of "The Art of the Stage." In this course, Hull shares his considerable expertise and insight into crafting a formidable stage presence, and presenting magic and mentalism in a way that will delight your audiences and build demand for your services. 32 pages, completely re-typeset, quality edition for your digital magic library.

Genre: PERFORMING ARTS / Theater / Stagecraft

Secondary Genre: PERFORMING ARTS / Theater / Stagecraft

Language: English

Keywords: theatre , sage, showmanship, magic, magician, perfoming arts, dramaturgy

Word Count: 9000

Sales info:

This book is a re-edition of an old book, so we can't talk about rankings. Anyway, we can also say that this book is no more available and it hasn't been translated into any language so with some promotion a lot of magicians all over the world will probably be interested in this book.

We also choose this book because it isn't a book of 200000 words, but it is just a booklet that will not require a huge quantity of work and that could grab the attention of a lot of magicians all over the world.

Sample text:

When a magical student of some years of experience, having solved the mysteries of magic, mastered his manipulations, and made an appropriate expenditure on apparati and magical equipment, essays his first bona fide professional performance; he suddenly discovers that he is a veritable novice in the real art of the stage.

It makes no difference whether he has devoted five years or ten years to private practice and study; whether he knows every trick in the dealer's catalog; whether he has written  his "Original Creations" for the magical magazines, or whether he has given one, or one hundred performances at parties, at his lodge or his church, and thereby feels himself equal if not the superior of many professionals.

When he first steps out before a real audience, not an audience composed of a few hundred persons, a church audience, or children's audience, or a club or lodge audience which is already in a good humor; but a real theatre or lyceum or convention audience composed of persons who are used to attending the theatre and witnessing acts of the first order, in other words, the kind of audience that sits back and seems to say: «Well, go ahead and show us what you have» then all his knowledge and experience in magic, as he knows it, pales into insignificance before that "something."  Something which does not appear in the cata­logs, or sold over the Dealer's counter.


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Translation in progress. Translated by Luciana Dias Duarte

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