The Alien House by Owen Jones

A Story of Love, Hope and Alien Intervention

An old man receives help unexpectedly, but are his suspicions right?

The alien house

The Alien House

A Story of Love, Hope and Alien Intervention

Michael has lived with his Thai wife in Thailand for twelve years and Spain for two, but failed to get her a residence permit for the UK. She was sent back to Thailand and he moved back to his home town of Barry in South Wales to try to 'get her in' before Brexit.

The chances are slim, and he sinks ever deeper into despair, even sleeping on the beach to save money. In truth, he starts to lose his mind with worry and loneliness.

He won't even go to his family for help, because he feels that they have shunned him, but is he right?

One day, a chance accident brings him into contact with four people who change his life forever, but who are they and where do they come from? His Alter Ego, Ralph, makes fantastic insinuations, but could they be true?

Alien House is a fantasy, but the problems within the story are very real for thousands of couples especially with Brexit.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Family Life

Language: English

Keywords: barry, south wales, aliens, spaceships, housing, immigration, alien intervention, family relations

Word Count: 85,000

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This book was published on 23-12-18, so its sales reputation is unproven.

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Sample text:


It was a warm summer's morning, and it was too hot for the old man to lie on the beach any longer. He sat up rubbed his eyes and looked in the mirror app on his tablet. His creased face and squinty eyes made him look older than his sixty-two years. His thin grey hair, once brown, stuck out like a toilet brush and he had two-days of stubble. A crumpled short-sleeved shirt, knee-length shorts and old, but once expensive sandals completed the depressing image of a man who, once well-cared for, now neglected his appearance.

Tutting to himself, he walked down to the sea, splashed some of the cool Bristol Channel onto his face to wake himself up and returned to the small plot that he had staked out with his towel. The beach was already half-full with young families and more were arriving by the minute. He dried his face, wetted and combed his hair, packed his few things into his duffel bag and trudged up to the road. His back hurt again and his feet were slightly swollen and red from having been exposed to the sun for too long when he was asleep.

'You silly old sod, Michael! Now look what you've gone and done!' he said to himself, although not out loud. He often talked to himself these days, perhaps he always had - he couldn't be bothered to remember, but he was grateful that he hadn't yet got to the stage of voicing his thoughts. 'You should know better than not to allow for the moving shadows at your age...'

'It wasn't my fault... it was the alien abduction... the gamma rays my feet were subjected to when the Greys abducted me...' he countered. A car's horn caused him to realise that he was in the middle of the busy Beach Road. He held up his hand and smiled an apology as he shuffled on to the safety of the opposite pavement.

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Already translated. Translated by Stéphanie Blasco
Author review:
Stéphanie produced an excellent translation that was perfectly formatted. I am very pleased.
Already translated. Translated by Alexandra Hirsch
Author review:
Alexandra has provided an excellent translation well formatted.
Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
Author review:
I want to express my gratitude to Nelson Leonel De Benedetti, the trnslator of this and many more of my novels. He has always been a reliable translator, but he went far beyond that on The Alien House by pointing out and correcting several errors that had slipped past me and others.
Already translated. Translated by Iván Ochoa
Author review:
Ivan has produced an excellent translation in record time, and formatted it well too.

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