The 10-Day Skin Brushing Detox by Mia Campbell

The easy, natural plan to look great, feel amazing, & eliminate celluliate

The 10-day skin brushing detox

Skin brushing can make you feel amazing - right from the first session! (If you do it right)

Dry skin brushing (or body brushing) is an old naturopathic health-boosting technique that you can do even when not feeling great. It simply involves brushing the body all over with a firm brush. Why? Because it makes you look and feel absolutely amazing!

It works as a detox by stimulating the lymphatic and blood systems, boosting metabolism, and improving elimination through the skin - the body's largest organ. The lymph gets sluggish when we don't move around very much, as it relies on muscles to move its contents.

Done incorrectly, any detox can make you feel awful - the side-effects can be pretty rough. This book shows you how to detox by using skin brushing without unpleasant side-effects. You will feel good from Day One. By Day Ten you will have established a new health habit that you can build on.

A Unique New Method Of Dry Skin Brushing

This book contains a new method of brushing. If you have done skin brushing before you may have been told to brush towards the heart. You'll find out why that isn't always the case and the exact way to brush every inch of your body. This new method has been tried, tested, and refined by the author, experienced aromatherapist and health coach Mia Campbell.


The Benefits Of Skin Brushing

Probably the most famous reason for trying skin brushing is to eliminate cellulite. That it can do and so much more, including:

An incredible list of benefits - and that isn't all of them. Try it for yourself. All you need is a brush (between $10 and $15) and this book.

Why Do You Need This Book?

Here is the author's own experience:

"I was suffering from a few health problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome and took up skin brushing as part of a regime to improve my health. I gave up caffeine at the same time. The result was a headache so bad that I wanted to die! I gave up the skin brushing and the health drive and sloped back to bed. I hadn't realized that taking up new health habits should be done gradually, one at a time, or you can be overwhelmed by the effects of the detox. After I trained in aromatherapy and massage I understood the body more and the effects of detoxing. I also learned about manual lymphatic drainage and wondered why most articles that explain how to do skin brushing differed so much from the way that manual lymphatic drainage therapists work. Over a period of time - and experimentation on my [willing!] clients - I devised my own method of skin brushing. It stimulates the lymphatic system without overloading it so it makes you feel wonderful while detoxing, which is pretty rare."

Skin brushing can do wonders for your health and vitality and this book will show you the best way of doing it, whatever your schedule. It contains full instructions on how to brush for the best, quickest results; suggested routines for mornings and evenings and a super quick routine for when you don't have much time to spare.

If you have done skin brushing before, you can use this book to learn the new method and pick up some other health tips.

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Sample text:

DESPITE BEING A fan of dry skin brushing, I laughed at the spa episode of the Rosanne TV show with everyone else in 1996. The episode was called ‘Pampered to a Pulp’ and portrayed skin brushing as an activity more suited to a torture chamber than a health spa.

I had qualified as an aromatherapist & massage therapist the year before, gaining diplomas from the International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies and doing further study in nutrition.

None of my courses had covered skin brushing but my training made me realize that it would have many of the benefits of massage, plus some more, be quick and easy to do, and - unlike massage - would be easy to do yourself, without someone else doing the work.

I did experience the excellent results that skin brushing brings, but also suffered unfortunate side-effects. I couldn't find out any information about them, either online or in books or scientific papers. So I gave up daily brushing and just brushed occasionally.

When clients asked about skin brushing, I always advised them to be very careful. Brushing a healthy body is fine but when people with pre-existing illnesses take up brushing, they often become overwhelmed with negative side-effects.

A few years ago, I researched Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). A close friend was battling cancer and MLD can help some of the painful swelling that can happen after lymph gland removal. I wanted to find out more about it before helping her find a therapist.

Now, if you read anything about skin brushing, the instructions will almost always say to start at the feet and work up, always brushing towards the heart. Some advise quite vigorous brushing. But MLD therapists don't start at the feet and they always use very gentle movements. Discovering that made a light bulb go off over my head! I had been doing skin brushing wrong for years.

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