Tear of Princess: The spell by Pet Torres

book for teens and young adults

Tear of princess: the spell





Princesses don’t cry…


This was something I heard a lot of when I was growing up.

I recall that as a princess I was very happy beside my father, King Saulo. My father governed the province of an earth far from this one.

In the castle resided my father, my aunt, myself and all the castle guards.

I remember I grew up with the protection of King Saulo as he reigned. I didn’t have a normal life because I was always escorted by several guards and I could never exit the immense gateways of the castle.

It was necessary for my protection.

Like all royal dynasties we had enemies everywhere. The most astonishing thing is that our most immediate threat came from within our palace, people among our royal family.

Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Language: English

Keywords: fairytale, coming of age, romance, teen romance, teenagers

Word Count: 19.627

Sample text:

Chapter 1




“Tomorrow will be a big day!” I said as I walked from side to side in my bedroom. The hem of my long, dark dress, embroidered with precious stones flowed gently over the floor. My fire-red hair was adorned with a gold tiara. After all, I was King Saulo’s sister-in-law and I needed to keep myself looking like a lady of the aristocracy.

I wanted to be more than that however. I wished to reign. I wished to govern Saulos’s earth.

“I see you are very animated, Madam Dorotéia!” Said Escariodez. He was my right arm in the castle. After my husband’s death, Saulo’s brother, Escariodez, became my lover.

Escariodez was a handsome and charming man. Despite the fact that he was blind in one eye he was still an attractive man. He hid his eye with a black patch. But that made him even more attractive and mysterious.

“Escariodez the big day will come tomorrow! On my adoring niece Salomé’s birthday!”

In this moment, I walked to my bed and sat down on it, felling its softness under me. My heart beamed with enthusiasm as my mind imagined the day I had waited for.

My niece’s birthday.

“Tomorrow Salomé will cry bitterly.”

Escariodez smiled at my brilliant plot. Only he and I knew about what was set to take place the following day.




King Saulo


During this time, I went to the bedroom of my only daughter. In the future, Salomé would be sitting on my throne. She was my heir after all. I had only her, my daughter and my successor.


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