Teaching Writing for the Media by Valerie Hockert

This book covers everything you need to become a successful news writer and feature writer.

Teaching writing for the media

Do you need an eight-week lesson plan for teaching feature writing?  Or news writing?

This book covers everything you need to become a successful news writer and feature writer.  If you have students who want to explore feature writing as a means of improving their research and writing skills, then this is the book for you.  If you want to pursue a print journalism focus in the communication major will find this course valuable.

Valerie Hockert, PhD has taught journalism courses at a college level for many years, and has written many courses for various colleges in journalism, including news writing and feature writing.

Genre: EDUCATION / General

Secondary Genre: LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays

Language: English


Word Count: 12,705

Sample text:

While it is important to develop a paragraph that contains one idea or thought, and to start another paragraph when a new idea or thought develops, many students fail to understand where the break is.  There is a variety of thought patterns with examples below.


Description:  Most good descriptive writing appeals to the reader’s senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and feel).  Use lively, specific details, and to present the descriptive details in a logical sequence.


Some possible topics are:  people you are familiar with, a big event, a favorite pastime, or a favorite food.


Narrative:  To narrate means to tell a story or to give an account.  A narrative takes many forms:  a novel, short story, biography, or even autobiography.  When writing a narrative, you should try to re-create a story or experience in a way that the readers can imaginatively participate in it or relate to it.


When writing a narrative, it is important to use specific details, to limit the subject, and of course, to write the narrative in some logical order.


Some possible topics to write on are personal experiences that stand out in the writer’s mind as being significant, and firsts (first date, first day at college, first job).


Example:  To write an example piece means that you rely on examples for the support of the main focus, and to support the main idea.  Examples help make the piece more concrete, clarifies, and can make the writer more credible.

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