Sunset Nights by Sharon Kleve

Will one sunset, one kiss, and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?

Sunset nights

Fiona Paxton left Sunset Beach the day she graduated from high school and never looked back. Working as a fashion designer in Los Angeles California is all she ever wanted.
Ten years later, Fiona wants more than money—she wants a caring man. Not one who worries more about how white his teeth are or if his spray tan needs a touch up, than he does about her.

Trip Delacruz gave up the big city to settle down in Sunset Beach tending his bees and making honey.

One look at Fiona and Trip is hooked. Her chestnut hair and blues eyes sparkle when she talks about the Sunset Beach Resort renovation. He would give anything if Fiona looked at him the way she does at the sunset every night. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 11,000

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27 Amazon reviews

Sample text:

L.A.—I asked myself every day why I thought living here was so great. It was ninety-five degrees, cloud cover hovered low, stifling what little breeze there might have been, and I’d been sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for over two hours. A drive that should only take thirty minutes at the most.


On the bright side, the super-hot guy next to me wasn’t making any progress either. He sat behind the wheel of a pretty red Ford F250 truck with lots of shiny chrome. Judging by how high he sat in the truck he must be over six-feet tall. Just a few inches taller than me. His warm golden skin had a natural rugged look, uneven stubble.


Truck guy must have felt my gaze because he turned, stared back, and then winked. His dark bedroom eyes were full of mischief and talk about kissable full lips. They were what dreams were made of.

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