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Summary of Bestselling book, Sapiens

Summary: sapiens: a brief history of humankind

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari | Book Summary | Readtrepreneur

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How did we make it this far? We, Homo sapiens rule the world because we are the only animal that believe in the power of imagination.

Dr Yuval Noah Harari’s book on Sapien is a masterpiece which is truly unique on its own. While other books focus on either the historical or biological part of us human, “Sapiens” focuses on the three great revolutions of human history: Cognitive, Agricultural and Scientific.

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“There’s no one thing that’s true. It’s all true” – Yuval Noah Harari

Dr Harari is now advising us to think ahead because things are going to change. Human has been proven to revolutionized not only our world around us but ourselves too. We’ve grown, improved and transformed. 

And this transformation will not stop. Where will this take us? Where will we land and what are we becoming?

P.S. Enrich your evolutionary brain with this book of wisdom and knowledge. Realize how much more you are than what you currently think of yourself. You’ll love this book. You are after all, a human.

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Sample text:


Yuval Noah Harari’s book - Sapiens is the macro-history (big and long-term historical events) of the development of Homo sapiens. The book progresses generally in a linear fashion. However, there are some pages where it jumps across time periods to connect similar phenomena.

It explains how the world has come to be the way it is, by describing the various revolutions that shaped the human history. As an added advantage, the book also re-imagines the history with a different turnout of events. At the end of the book, ‘Sapiens’ gives a warning that modern humans have become gods because they are capable of starting new evolutionary paths and end them as well – this includes our own historical path.

This book is based on facts backed up by research, but involves a bit of hypothesizing as well. In the book, Harari sometimes states, that an idea is simply a theory and not yet proven. However, in some situations, he states his opinions as if they are absolute.

This book also contains exaggerations that will benefit from the readers’ further scrutiny and fact-checking. Despite these drawbacks, the book contains ample insight that will satisfy those who want to deeply understand human history from beginning to the end.

Harari also shares his own feelings with the readers, like the fact that “Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997)” by Jared Diamond is one of his greatest inspiration for writing the book. According to him, Jared’s book taught him that it was possible to ask the “big” questions and answer them through science. Likewise, “Sapiens” goes beyond discussing mere historical facts.

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