Studying vs. Learning: The Psychology of Student Success by Troy Dvorak

This is a high school and college student self-help book that focuses on psychological and learning skills; and backed by over 300 sources and over 20 years experience in psychology.

Studying vs. learning: the psychology of student success

If you want to maximize your learning and success in college, you need quality thinking skills, learning skills, and psychological skills far more than you need studying tips. This book will help you develop those skills, making you more confident, efficient, and productive. It is a practical guide to developing essential skills for college, many you have never learned about before, with straight-forward suggestions you can put into practice right now.

When life is tough, you don’t make flashcards and memorize definitions. You need the personal skills and habits described in Studying vs. Learning to deal effectively with difficult circumstances, inside and outside of school.

Genre: EDUCATION / Learning Styles

Language: English

Keywords: student success, studying skills , college success, troy dvorak, psychology rocks

Word Count: 50,000

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Book sales have been modest but have been increasing steadily as more people become aware of it.

Sample text:

So, what are your thoughts about being a successful student? Is academic success about intelligence? Studying hard? Getting good grades? Just passing? Memorizing stuff? Getting a degree? What exactly does a successful student look like? Would you know a successful student if you saw one? Is that student staring back at you in the mirror? 

Teachers tell you about studying skills such as re-reading, highlighting things you read, making flashcards, memorizing, summarizing, and doing practice questions. However, if you want to maximize your learning and success, you need quality thinking, learning, and psychological skills far more than you need studying tips.  

Have you ever studied for a test, passed it (or better), and then two weeks later, realized you have forgotten most of it? I certainly had experiences like that when I was in school. That is a great example of how we can study but not learn very much. So, are you learning, or just studying?

In a perfect world, studying leads to learning. But studying and learning are not necessarily the same thing. To learn, you must know how to think. Thinking skills will make your studying skills more effective. 

This book will help you develop thinking skills and psychological skills to succeed in high school, college, and your career. For example, having strong academic goals, motivation, confidence in your own abilities, and self-control will help you stay in school (i.e., persist) and graduate. Those aren’t studying skills. They are thinking and psychological skills that help you succeed.

I would be lying if I told you that hard work and good thinking skills will get all of you through to graduation and career success. There are many factors related to academic achievement. For example, many of my students have children and work part- or full-time. Others face significant hardships such as poverty and even homelessness. 

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