Stoicism Today: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living by Patrick Ussher

The Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius in the Modern World

Stoicism today: ancient wisdom for modern living

The book is called 'Stoicism Today' and it is a collection of around 36 personal reflections by different authors on how the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, as practised by Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus, is still being used today as a philosophy as a way of life. The book is part popular philosophy, part self-help and part popular psychotherapy. Stoicism is similar to Buddhism, mindfulness and has links with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Stoicism is a very popular philosophy.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 55000

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I published the book at the end of September 2014. In three months, by January 1st, 2015, it had:

- sold around 2000 copies (1400 ebook, 600 print) and around 150 a week currently. The price is £2.99/$4.99. It has also been 'borrowed' through Kindle Unlimited around 250 times since mid-November when it was put into KDP select.

- was downloaded 2600 times as part of a free promotion

- has 15 reviews on (8 five star and 6 four star), was number one bestseller in Greek & Roman philosophy. 

As of December 22nd:

Current print ranking: 97,302. 

Current Kindle ranking: 10,371

Current print ranking: 55126

Current Kindle ranking: 9647


Sample text:

A Simplified Modern Approach to Stoicism

Stage 3: Night-time Review

Review your whole day, three times, if possible, before going to sleep.  Focus on the key events and the order in which they happened, e.g., the order in which you undertook different tasks or interacted with different people during the day.

What did you do that was good for your fundamental wellbeing?  (What went well?)
What did you do that harmed your fundamental wellbeing?  (What went badly?)
What opportunities did you miss to do something good for your fundamental wellbeing?  (What was omitted?)

Counsel yourself as if you were advising a close friend or loved one.  What can you learn from the day and, where appropriate, how can you do better in the future?  Praise yourself for what went well and allow yourself to reflect on it with satisfaction. 

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The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by June Silinski and Vincent Solans
Already translated. Translated by Beatrice Pires-Stadler
Author review:
Bea works with immense care and diligence and affection for the translation. Her work is of the very highest standard. She communicates regularly, and completes the work efficiently. She translated a complex philosophical work in just two months! If I could give her ten stars, I would.
Already translated. Translated by Patrizia Zotti
Already translated. Translated by Taís Paulilo Blauth
Author review:
Tais worked on this book with great independence and promptly, translating a philosophy book of over 50,000 words in just two months. She is a skilled translator and I feel lucky to have worked with her.
Already translated. Translated by Juan Carlos Bonilla and Carolina Yazigi

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