Stoicism: Gain... by Dorothy Mok

Resilience, Confidence, and Calmness

If you are sick of struggling with a heightened sensitivity toward conflict, a lack of confidence, and a constant sense of stress and chaos in your life, then Stoicism is exactly what you need.

Stoicism: gain...

If you are sick of struggling with a heightened sensitivity toward conflict, a lack of confidence, and a constant sense of stress and chaos in your life, then Stoicism is exactly what you need.

Stoicism is an ancient practice used by the great Greek philosophers as a way to master their mind and their emotions. This topic was discussed in great length by many Stoic philosophers as they pondered the nature of and power behind the human mind and its ability to reason. Through all of this philosophy, they uncovered many truths about the mind and emotions that would go on to serve people for many years in terms of navigating everyday situations, as well as larger hardships they may be faced with.

The Stoics, or the original people who practiced Stoicism, lived during the era of the gladiators, and they taught and practiced this ancient philosophy as a way of mastering themselves amidst a fight for their lives. This wisdom is timeless, and it provides an abundance of knowledge and support for those who wish to improve their happiness, live a meaningful life, experience resilience and confidence, and embrace calmness.

Despite how ancient this practice is, it continues to offer excellent guidance for people in our modern world. Surprisingly, this early school of thought closely resembled our modern concept of Emotional Intelligence and provided us with many great teachings that can deepen your mental and emotional strengths.

In Stoicism: Gain Resilience, Confidence, and Calmness, we are going to cover many foundational topics of Stoicism that will support you in your ability to boost your resilience, confidence, and calmness. Through each chapter, you are going to discover what Stoicism is, how it contributes to your mental and emotional wellbeing, and how to embrace this school of thought both mentally and practically. This is the ultimate guidebook to help you conquer your weaknesses once and for all so that you can show up to life as a refreshed, confident, and capable version of yourself.

Some of what we will cover in Stoicism includes:

And more!

This book is jam-packed with plenty of actionable tips that you can use to help you take action and experience a higher quality of life once and for all. By the time you are done reading it, you will feel plenty capable of increasing your resilience, confidence, and calmness in a practical and grounded manner. For once, you will know what specific action you can take to help you transform your life experiences is a positive and fulfilling manner that fits any personality and lifestyle.

If you are ready to transform your own resilience, confidence, and calmness, buy your copy of Stoicism: Gain Resilience, Confidence, and Calmness and get started today!


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Sample text:

After reading this book, I strongly encourage you to keep it handy to help you mindfully navigate challenging situations using a Stoic approach. Remember that it is unlikely that you will prevent or avoid every single moment of weakness, under confidence, and chaos in your life. However, even if you can prevent just a few from happening, you can go a long way in improving the overall quality of your life. For that reason, it is important that you continue to be gentle with yourself and approach this practice with an open and curious mind. This way, you can continue to improve on a consistent basis.

In addition to having reasonable expectations of yourself, you also need to be gentle and kind toward yourself. In fact, if you find that you tend to be overly critical on yourself when you make mistakes, it may be useful to follow the steps in chapter 8 to support you with navigating this inner conflict with yourself. Through this, you will navigate it in a more peaceful and productive manner, allowing you to experience maximum growth from this situation.

Lastly, know that Stoicism is not something that you learn about and master in just one book, and neither is resilience, confidence, or calmness. Stay open to continuing to learn about these things, and you will provide yourself with a wonderful opportunity to continue to improve the quality of your life more every single day.

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