Still Missing... by Prasenjeet Kumar

A gripping tale of love, terror, and the indefatigable human spirit that starts out to rescue love but ends up saving the nation…

Still missing...

A gripping tale of love, terror, and the indefatigable human spirit that starts out to rescue love but ends up saving the nation…

Major Akhil Thapar’s life turns upside down when he steps on a land mine while battling terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

With his left leg gone, he has to adjust to a new reality. That he is crippled. That his career in the army is over. That he will now be wedded to his wheel chair. Forever.

Till one fine morning when he meets Amrita Arora, a witty, smart, and intrepid conflict-zone TV journalist, in the hospital where he is recuperating.

They fall in love when Major Akhil discovers a secret about Amrita. A secret that connects the two of them.

But everything is thrown off balance when Amrita goes missing. It falls on Major Akhil alone to rescue his love. Little does he know that in his resolve to save Amrita, he would embark on a dangerous roller-coaster mission to save his country.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Language: English

Keywords: india pakistan afghanistan, fiction kashmir, clean and wholesome romance, multicultural romance, military romance, sweet romance literary, romance indian authors, indian fiction, south asian romance, bollywood fiction, bollywood romance

Word Count: 54,000 words

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This book is from an Amazon #1 Best-selling author.

Sample text:


Her mobile phone beeped. The message was cryptic:

“They’re following you.”

Her heart skipped a beat. This is what she was afraid of. It was time to get out as soon as possible.

She slid her phone in her purse and came out of the hall hoping no one noticed her. She covered her head with a scarf. The street leading to the local marketplace was crowded. She saw men in beards and skull caps walking around her. And women wearing burkhas.

No time to waste, she thought. She walked in a straight direction heading towards the car she had hired. She walked fast, accidentally bumping into one man after the other, and hearing the same phrase, “Have you gone blind?” and even more colourful ones. Again and again.

The street was unswept. Her eyes were hurting because of the dust. 

She came across a meat seller who was chopping lamb (or was it beef) using a butcher’s knife. Carcasses hung on rusted metal hooks from the ceiling of his shop. She could faintly make out the body and legs of the animal that were “displayed.”

This could also be my fate. A scary thought crossed her mind.

A vendor selling tea gave her a hostile stare. Probably because she was NOT wearing a full burkha?

She kept walking ignoring the stare. Was anyone following her? Were they closing in on her?

Just to check she turned back. She saw many men walking in her direction. All bearded. And many wearing skull caps. Were they following her? She couldn’t be sure. 

The men were walking as if they were not going to any particular place. They were also laughing and chatting in a language she didn’t understand. It couldn’t be them, she wondered. But who knows? Maybe they knew how to stalk without raising an eyebrow.

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