Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon by Linda Rae Sande

Love can last a thousand lifetimes when you’re an Immortal... or so they thought.

Stella of akrotiri: deminon

What’s become of the Immortal Darius? His wife, Stella, worries about his fate as she rules over their city-state of Deminon, especially when she learns he’s been the victim of treachery. She’ll do anything to get him back. 

Enslaved as a traitor to Rome, Darius is forced to fight gladiators as part of the funeral rites of powerful Romans. His years of experience on the battlefield serve him well in the arena—until he’s forced to fight Marcus—a younger, stronger gladiator who is unaware of his own immortality. 

Sure he’s about to suffer a defeat by the hand of Marcus, Darius is forced to make a decision that will change his future and Stella’s—preserve his essence by allowing his body to die so that he can live on in Marcus. His two-thousand years of memories and life experiences should be powerful enough to overcome the essence of the untested Immortal. Allow him to return to Stella and resume their life together, even if she won’t immediately recognize him.

But Marcus isn’t giving up so easily. Especially when he meets Stella. 

Will Marcus help Darius take revenge on the one whose deceit led to his arrest on charges of treason? Or will Darius’ essence slowly be subsumed, the memories of his nearly two-thousand-year lifespan—and of Stella—fading away in the mind of Marcus? 

These Immortals once had all the time in the world. Now time is suddenly of the essence.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: immortality, ancient Greece, Ancient rome, gladiators, greek and roman mythology, treachery and treason

Word Count: 81,500

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Sample text:

Dressed in a dark robe, Augustus of Assyria stared at his newest slave and gave a shake of his head. “I find it difficult to believe it has come to this,” he hissed. He had been pacing in front of where Darius of Agremon was leaning against a stone wall, his thick arms crossed over his chest. Iron bars stood between them, clear indicators that the space in which the older Immortal was being kept had at one time been used to imprison animals.

“I do not,” Darius countered. “We both know there is treachery on both sides. Besides, it could be worse. I could have ended up in Capua or Cumae. At least you are not a stranger to me.”

Augustus allowed a sound of disbelief. “How can you be so calm? You were going to be tried on charges of treason and... and crucified,” he whispered hoarsely.

Darius allowed a shrug, wishing his Roman citizenship hadn’t ended over two-hundred years ago, or that he could have been granted the privilege based on his service to the Roman Army for the past four years. 

Citizens were never sold into slavery.  

He finally pushed himself away from the wall. “But now I am not,” he replied, referring to the possibility that he could be crucified for what had happened at Apulia. “How much did you have to pay for me?” In all his two-thousand years of existence, Darius had taken on many guises, held any number of positions having to do with war, and outlived nearly everyone he knew, but never before had he been a slave. 

“Only two-thousand didrachm,” Augustus replied with a shrug.

Frowning at the amount—he wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or offended—Darius allowed a snort. 

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Already translated. Translated by Carolina Santos
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Carolina worked quickly and was very receptive to make corrections where necessary. Her response time was fast! Great to work with.

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