Start Up: All You Require to Know to Start Up and Run Your Business by Frances G. Dowdy

Hоw Tо Stаrt a Home-based Buѕіnеѕѕ

13b you will learn how to achieve your dreams and get rid of your annoying job, and you will learn how successful people have built their companies.

Start up: all you require to know to start up and run your business


you will learn how to achieve your dreams and get rid of your annoying job, and you will learn how successful people have built their companies, in addition to my personal experience in which I have taken into account all factors of success and failure in order to take many steps forward.

What You'll Get to Read in the Book:

. Benefits of Starting Your Own Business/StartUp
. Clear steps to start Your business
. Does doing business suit you?
. What business would suit you?
. How would you succeed in business?

The book is illustrated with personal examples of getting it right and clearly wrong. Avoid common mistakes to capitalise on this wealth of experience and knowledge to improve your chances of success.Benefit from my start up experience and mentoring of hundreds of early stage ventures and the thousands of graduate startups.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Home-Based Businesses

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / E-Commerce / Auctions & Small Business

Language: English

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Word Count: 7135

Sample text:

Brainstorming is a great tool for idea generation because it enables the participants to think outside of the box and come up with a wide range of ideas in a short period of time. It is best to brainstorm with at least 2 people (you and someone else). Everyone thinks differently so this way, ideas that you may not think of yourself will come to life. One person’s idea can affect others to think differently and come up with more interesting ideas. If you are thinking by yourself, then it may be harder to generate better ideas. Therein lies the main advantage of brainstorming.

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