Social Media Marketing 2019, 2020 and Beyond by Adam Lewis

Learn How to Use Facebook Advertising, YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Social media marketing 2019, 2020 and beyond

Social media has taken the whole world by storm and no one can ignore its relevance in business today.

Did you know that there are simple things you can do to become a world-class digital marketer in 2019 and attract high-value clients to your brand while keeping them for good without constant struggles?

This book is written to show the latest approaches to social media marketing and how to use Facebook advertising, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter marketing to earn passive income even if you have zero social media marketing experience.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll learn how to use social media to enhance your personal brand, reach out to more customers and how to leverage social media to influence consumer purchasing decisions. You’ll also discover the newest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and how to rise above technological uncertainties and thrive in a digital economy.

You should get this book if you want to enhance your brand’s reach and meet the ever-increasing demands and expectations of the modern customer.

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This book has just recently come out in 2019 but is already starting to sell well. The topic of this book is very popular and because of the way this book was written I think it will sell well for many years.

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Facebook Ads are Inexpensive

Another solid reason why you should use Facebook ads is that they are cost efficient. Advertising your products and services is never cheap, but Facebook ads cost a fraction of more traditional advertising tactics. Additionally, with Facebook advertisements, you can set a budget limit and Facebook will stop showing your ads once you have hit your budget. A higher budget limit will allow your ads to be displayed for longer and to larger audiences. Either way, you are in control.

Ability to Target Specific Users

A huge benefit to using Facebook ads is that you can target specific users. The platform allows you to choose your audience based on their age, location, interests, as well as their gender. For example, if you were targeting women to purchase your product, then you simply segment the audience and focus more on them. With targeted marketing, there is a guarantee you will get more viewers and potentially more sales. This happens because you will be approaching individuals that are most likely to be interested in what you are selling.

Easy Set Up

The seamless experience that you will get when using Facebook ads is also worth mentioning. The process of creating Facebook ads is quite straightforward. The platform will take you through the entire process from the first step to the last. You will need to define the type of advertisement you wish to run, as well as the audience that you want to reach and your budget limit. The ads you will create are highly customizable. You get the opportunity of selecting the best ad formats you think are suitable for your business, as well as upload custom graphics.  

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