Social Interaction - Overcome Social Anxiety & Learn Crucial Conversation Skills by Sarah Goldberg

Learn the crucial conversation skills you need and pursue social interaction once again!

Social interaction - overcome social anxiety & learn crucial conversation skills

<h2>Having trouble with social interaction? Crushed by your social anxiety? The solution is at hand!</h2>

<b>I too was like you: I suffered from extreme social anxiety and part of the problem was that I lacked the crucial conversation skills needed to overcome social anxiety. I was able to learn these conversation skills and now I have enough social interaction to last me a lifetime and I'm enjoying my life!</b>

<i>In this book you'll learn:</i>
1. What is social anxiety and what are the symptoms of social anxiety
2. What it is like to live with social anxiety
3. Steps to recover from an anxiety disorder
4. Easy ways to build up your crucial conversational skills
5. Top resources available to overcome social anxiety

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<h2>Don't let social anxiety crush you anymore. Learn the crucial conversation skills you need and pursue social interaction once again!</h2>


Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English


Word Count: 7991

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