Slow Cooker: Vegetarian Recipes You Can Make Quickly (Includes Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes) by Sam Downey

Vegetarian Recipes You Can Make Quickly (Includes Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes)

Slow cooker: vegetarian recipes you can make quickly (includes tasty slow cooker recipes)


This slow cooker cookbook is perfect for anyone! From the novice cook to the more expert chef, the recipes contained in this book will please them all. In this slow cooker cookbook, you will find some of the best slow cooker recipes written in detailed, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. 

These slow cooker dump dinners also include serving size and preparation time so you have a complete understand of how many each recipe serves and how long it will take to prepare. You will also learn about the common mistakes that occur when cooking slow cooker recipes and what you can do to avoid them. 

Each recipe provides a complete nutritional breakdown as well as a handy macro-nutrient pie chart for readers following a low carb high fat diet plan. See your macros at a glance and instantly know what else to put on the table to round out your meal.

Within this collection you'll also find recipes for standard slow cooker accompaniments - savory muffins, a deliciously crunchy cracker, mock mashed potatoes and more. If you're new to a low carb diet you'll also find favorite healthy food hacks to replace pasta and rice!

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


Genre: COOKING / General

Secondary Genre: COOKING / Methods / Slow Cooking

Language: English

Keywords: crockpot, slow cooker, multi cooker, instant pot, pressure cooker, electric pressure cooker, dieting, weight loss, fasting, diet, paleo diet

Word Count: 3111

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Sample text:

Every time I hear the phrase “a chicken in every pot,” I get the feeling everything is going to be okay. It promises comfort and brings hope back to life. I can only imagine what the people of Bourbon dynasty felt about 400 hundred years ago when they heard their king (Henry IV) saying, “I want there to be no peasant in my realm so poor that he’ll not have a chicken in his pot every Sunday.”


Do you ever ask yourself why you enjoy chicken so much?


During the first four years of my time in elementary school, I was a very stubborn child. I didn’t pay attention in class and would always refuse or dodge homework. I failed every test and would always be among the five worse performing pupils in class. This caused my mother a lot of pain and worries since she was raising me and three other siblings singlehandedly.


I didn’t really care much until one day I found her crying with my school report card on her hands. She later asked me that night why I didn’t want to study and if I wanted to remain poor all my life? Those words had a lot of impact on me, but most of all, my mothers tears, I had never seen her crying and I promised myself to never let her cry again

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