Sissy Confessions - Volume #1! by Mike Watson

31 Sissy Confessions that will make even the most “hardcore” of sissies blush

Volume 1 in the Sissy Confessions series.

Sissy confessions - volume #1!

Those confessions we all have, every sissy thinks – obsesses – takes it to bed with her – and more – thoughts that PLAGUE in a nice way – us all day long – thoughts we SO want to share with her, but sometimes can’t – and thoughts which ultimately shape what we DO!

So why did I write this series?

I sure didnt HAVE to, I know, but

As I look at my “wife” lying – fat thighs (so NICE, especially the rolls of fat, the lazier she is, the better, I’ve often said that, women should be entitled, bratty and LAZY, thats when they’re the most controlling, dominating, and ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!!!) – soles bobbing up and down, I can never get enough of serving her, and talking about COCK!

And in general, while serving her, either sexually or otherwise talking about some of the things I talk about SO often here.

Except, I dont talk about them ALL. Hehe.

And I’m lucky in that I’m at least at this point where I can talk about SOME of it.

Most men – their SO’s would throw a hissy and leave if they even MENTIONED any of their real desires, those dormant desires which I wrote about before – NEVER go away – and everyone has them, no matter how you try to deny them.

But do you ACT upon those desires?

We all have one life, my friend.

And what use that life if not lived to the fullest?

Will you really care what people think when you “pass” ?

(i.e. if you did something that is SSC, really, really like, something you really, really WANT – nay- CRAVE) – who cares?)

Most people “live lives of quiet desperation”, as the great Thoreau once said …

And they rarely, if ever, bring out their innermost thoughts, dreams and desires, like I do – publicly!

And I’ve never been happier.

So will YOU, my friend, so will YOU – once you do what Colonel Trautman told Rambo in First Blood Part III i.e. “accept the inner you”.

It’s YOU.

And thats what matters!

And this treatise, well, if you’ve been having thoughts of “oh, I should not be thinking that way”, or guilt trips etc as I once did about wanting so desperately to be a sissy – well, this treatise will BANISH all such thoughts instantly. Indeed, my writing is not just so erotic – not just so unique (nothing like our stuff out there!) – but most importantly, so REAL life, and NO or very little creative license, despite a life SO full most can’t believe it! – that you too will be inspired to take the sissy BULL by the horns – or penis – and just (beg to) DO!

And that, probably more than anything is why I wrote this book!

More benefits?

What you think about – is indeed what you ATTRACT, except most people dont think about it the right way. And thats #1 right at the top – learn how to THINK the right way!
If you’re thinking something – chances are excellent or second to none that if you do with deep EMOTION – it will happen! Learn just how in terms of BDSM, sissydom, and so forth

And much more, my friend. Get this NOW.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Gay

Language: English

Keywords: faggot , sissy, sissy erotica, gay erotica, humiliation erotica, femdom erotica, footboy

Word Count: 25609

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Sample text:

I’ve made no secret of two things, my friend – three, but the third is the Vietnamese tranny I recently met, and she’s my Madam, owner, Goddess, my dream, my DESTINY – all in one!

She’s so NICE!

So soft, so FEMININE, so SEXY, and her DONG – could be MINE!

Those large succulent nipples could be MINE!

I’d SO love to pleasure her orally ALL DAY, all she needs to do is lie there, legs spread wide apart, allow me to do it, I’d even cook, clean, I’d give her my money, I’d give her my LIFE damn near, she’s such a QUEEN AND PERFECT GODDESS – I LOVE HER – I dont say that too much or too often, paye lagu Madam JI!

But back to ahem, cocks.

Two things.

One, my inabilty – or rather, NO DESIRE to have “Regular sex”.

Or real man sex.

Doesn’t mean I can’t do it , when I want to, I’ve been known to go for hours.

But mostly


I cum the minute I enter her – mostly by mental design!

I dont have a small cock – curiously enough or not, most of us fetishists, male or female, we dont!

And two, of course, my desires to be TOTALLY DOMINATED!

“Why I Can’t see the head, BOY!”

That was Madam Ashley. 11 Missed Femdom Recollections!

Such a Queen. Hehe.

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