Sint-Truiden - Saint Trond : History and city walks by City Pockets

Sint-Truiden - Saint Trond : History and city walks

Sint-truiden - saint trond : history and city walks

Sint Truiden - Saint Trond is a nice and quint little city in the Limburg country side. It has an extensive - religious history and played a big part in the region's trade and political climate throughout the centuries.

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The earliest history dates back to Roman times, when on the site of present-day Sint-Truiden, at a crossroads of poles, a small settlement was formed, later called Zerkingen. In 655, Trudo, probably a member of a considerable Austrasian family with fiefdom in this region, founded a monk community at this site, which gradually grew into the abbey of Sint-Truiden. Later, Sint-Trudo was declared a saint, like many members of the Frankish nobility. Trudo was trained as a priest in Metz, which is often invoked as an explanation for the fact that the diocese of Metz had a lot of influence in Sint-Truiden. In 660 Trudo built a church in his native region, about one kilometer north of Zerkingen, along the Cicindria. After some miracles happened at the tomb of St. Trudo, the place developed into a pilgrimage site. Trade and services also flourished through the many pilgrims. The settlement that arose at the monastery was known as Oppidum Sancti Trudonis. The name Zerkingen thus gradually fell into disuse and the city was called Sint-Truiden.

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