Sinful Duty by Philip Pallette

A Steamy Romance/Mystery

In life, every man is capable of sin. But will the sins of others lead his own life to ruin?

Sinful duty

Grant Stevenson knows what he wants from life.

Bound for a life of service to his faith and the church, Grant shows promise as a
young, devout priest.

But no man is ever truly safe from temptation.

Soon, passion and lust invade Grant's life, sending the future he had planned for
himself into turmoil.

And when passion suddenly escalates to murder, Grant quickly finds himself sinking
deeper into a world of deception, crime, and sin.

Grant tries to distance himself and leave behind the events of his now-troubled past–
to find a new purpose in his life.

But there is no rest for the wicked — and no distance far enough for Grant to
Soon, he is drawn further into the mystery behind the crime committed in his parish.

He might not have committed the crime himself, but Grant knows that his hands are
far from clean of guilt — as he, too, knows what it means to sin.

Now, he must keep his wits about him and do all he can to prevent further harm from
coming to the people he cares for.

Yet what would they all think of him if they were to learn the truth of his own

Sinful Duty is a compelling story about the struggle between the righteous and
those driven to sin. Will Grant unmask the one responsible for the violence that has
torn his life apart — in time to save another life? Or is the threat already too close to
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What will it take to uncover the truth?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / 20th Century

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Christian / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: 1970s America, Priest Adultery, Strong male lead, Foregiveness , Multi-cultural Romance, Steamy romance novels for women, Romance French, ROMANCE PORTUGUESE

Word Count: 65,000

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4.0 out of 5 stars Unexpected twist
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Sample text:

Grant Stevenson, the valedictorian at his local high school, the Irene S. Reed High School in Shelton, Washington, a devout churchgoer and grandson of an Episcopal priest, had just completed his first year at college. He knew he wanted to be an Episcopal priest. More than anything in the world, he wanted this. And this was all he had ever really wanted. In addition, he was particularly proud of his achievement in French class.

The mystery surrounding Grant's birth and upbringing rarely occupied his mind, thanks to his grandparents, who kept providing a loving home for him. Grant Stevenson was the unlikely son of a Jamaican businessman and a young New York antiques store salesgirl. Grant had grown up in a liberal white people's world and rarely thought about who he was, or his father had been and endured rare visits from his mother. 

He knew that he was born in New York City, his father had been a Jamaican businessman, and his mother was an antiques store salesperson. Soon after his birth, he was whisked away to his grandparents' household in Seattle, Washington. Later, they moved to St. Thomas's House on Hood Canal, not far from Seattle. Meanwhile, his mother opened her own antiques store in San Francisco. In all the years of growing up, Grant had never met any members of his Jamaican family. He knew his father had died in a plane crash in 1950, and he was possibly buried in Jamaica. Grant needed clarification. He had never asked, or at least his grandparents did not know.

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