Shall We Have a Deal? by Evelyn Tomson

a modern version of "Pride and Prejudice".

Shall we have a deal?

They met by chance and were immediately attracted. But he was Turkish and she - Bulgarian. She had prejudices (mainly from the historical past) and refused his offer. Yet 12 years later they met again. Will she overcome her prejudices and give love a chance? The story is moving till the end.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: romance, prejudices, love story, attraction

Word Count: 18886

Sales info:

It is just published by Tektime, an Italian publishing house.

Sample text:

But two or three times she had thought where would her life have taken her had she accepted Taifun’s offer? They had spoken on the phone a few times and he was always very polite and charming, just as she remembered him. But nothing else followed. And yet today this card came saying:

I will be in Varna next week. Can we meet? I am free at the weekend.

At Perfect Hotel there will be a room reserved for you.

Yours, Taifun. 

It has come with registered mail right to her door. That was a big surprise. Isabel didn’t know what to think. Part of her was delighted because the invitation came from him. The other part was doubtful. Her heart was filled with mixed emotions. After all, there had been 12 years since their first meeting in Sofia. What could he possibly want from her? Isabel had turned his offer down and they had parted with hurt feelings. Out of pride and prejudice she had told this fine man her answer is ‘No’. She had regretted being so rude but she was too biased and could not tell him the real reason behind her refusal. He has calmly accepted the situation saying only that his offer is valid for a short time only and will never be repeated again. They have a saying on the Balkans that the bird lands on your shoulder only once. So it is either “take it or leave it” and Isabel had made her choice. Yes, she had achieved a lot of things in life for those 12 years but she wanted to get married for the right reasons, for love, and here exactly she had failed. Maybe he had forgiven her for cutting him off in Sofia. And she was curious to hear what he has been through all these years. Probably he had got married and had a loving family somewhere in the world. But she had a strong intuition and it was telling her he was not.  Still she was flattered for the invitation and was going to accept it.

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Already translated. Translated by André Weber
Already translated. Translated by Gabriela Salgado B.

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