Sex With an Older Woman by L. L. Ryan

Older women are more experienced.

Sex with an older woman

Miki was at least 20 years older than me and I am no spring chicken. I have grand children. She was the most sexual creature that I ever met. She could have almost continuous organisms. Her hobby was growing erotic plants and then it became me.

Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Pornography

Language: English

Keywords: sex, older women, age difference, relationship, gym, older women younger man, strong sex, man and woman, silver hair

Word Count: 26

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Sample text:

I could not keep my eyes off her. I couldn't say that she was beautiful or even pretty. But she was indescribably attractive. Her eyes were mesmerizing. They were a very pale green.

The tight leotard clearly showed her figure; perhaps even flaunted it. She had a very tiny waist with perfectly curved hips. Her breasts were much larger than one would expect on such a slim woman. I wondered what they would look like out of her bra.

Gravity had probably done its work down through the years. But damn she was attractive!

Why was I so intrigued with her? Why was I so drawn to this grandma aged stranger? She was probably 20 years my senior and I'm no spring chicken.

I took the treadmill next to her. 


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