Serving an Indian Goddess - The Sequel (Part 2) by Mike Watson

The Second Sequel to the immensely popular "three part" Serving an Indian Goddess series . . .

Serving an indian goddess - the sequel (part 2)

The second and final Volume in this Sequel - and not only is Watson forced to learn some rudimentary Hindi (or else!) - but he's also seen serving Indian males of various "hues, colors and sizes".

The "crowning" (PUN intended!) glory of course occurs towards the end of the book during a "no holds barred" orgy in which the unfortunate Watson is an unwilling participant. Never in his wildest dreams could he have dreamed what was in stock for him ...!

And as the reader will see - that's just the beginning ...

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: femdom, indian femdom, cuckolding, female domination, humiliation, sissified, cock worship

Word Count: 27758

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Sample text:

But one night as she pushed me away, my tongue so exhausted I could barely talk, having brought my Ms. to multiple orgasms, orgasms that had tired her out as well from what I could tell, I got the feeling that dedicated and through though my services were, it just wasn’t enough.


She spoke, lazily twisting my left nipple with the large toe of her right foot, and my cock and balls ached again, longing for release, but knowing that it wouldn’t be imminent anytime soon.


And she spoke, her voice somewhat sleepy, yet alert.


“Kanta…” she said stretching luxuriously.


“Han ji”, I said, dutifully rubbing her feet in just the way she liked to have done after an orgasm.


I couldn’t see her face at that point, being too focused on her lower legs and calves but I could sort of “feel” her nodding in an approving manner at the devoted slave at her feet.


And then, she suddenly switched positions, so that her ass was facing me, and her toes dug into my stomach, the soft soles of her

feet staring up at me in a most inviting manner, almost as if commanding me to…


“Kanta, this feels great, but…”


But, I wondered? What was wrong? Her voice had changed a little bit as well, sort of as she wasn’t completely satisfied.


“I need more, my little bitch. More”.


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Already translated. Translated by Paula Banda Rendón
Already translated. Translated by Paula Banda Rendón
Already translated. Translated by Paula Banda Rendón
Already translated. Translated by Paula Banda Rendón

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