Serving an Indian Goddess - The Sequel by Mike Watson

Part One of Two

The Sequel (part one) to the immensely popular "Serving an Indian Goddess" series.

Serving an indian goddess - the sequel

In "Volume -3" of the same series, the imperious Ms. Priyanka had to abandon her slave - albeit a bit unwillingly so ...

While the ending is indeed poignant - indeed, the bond between Mistress and slave was STRONG - perhaps stronger than if they were normal "lovers" - - but what goes around, comes around.

What is meant to be always WILL be.

Why is a moth attracted to a flame?

Why do thoughts transmute - - from thousands, and thousands of miles away?

The answer to this question can be found in the two sequels to the hugely popular "Indian Goddess" series - living proof of the fact that if you really, really WANT it - you'll find a way to GET it - seemingly without even "trying"!

Fate has a strange way of ensuring that "what is meant to be" ALWAYS happens no matter what. Call it common vibe or call it "stripping at one's outer layers to find out what one REALLY is at the core" - and being comfortable with it - call it whatever you will, but what is meant to happen WILL happen.

And 'twas but a matter of time before the lovely Ms. Priyanka and her slave were reunited. Seperated though by distance they were for a while, they are finally reunited - and how!

Extreme humiliation - corporal punishment - degradation - domestic servitude, and all that time favorite - CUCKOLDING (along with toilet slavery) - in these two sequels.

Dive in, and watch the DEPTHS to which one "man's" true love for femdom, and his royal Ms. Priyanka takes him ...

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Language: English

Keywords: femdom, indian femdom, chinese femdom, asian femdom, footboy

Word Count: 30,263

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Sample text:

Ms. Pooja, I thought, my nipples involuntarily stiffening. Oh, God, those nipple clamps!



The keys to my chastity device, which Ms. Priyanka had locked me up in, I remember.


The cage which had so suddenly been released that Friday night, with my “pencil dick” (as my gorgeous and commanding owner had so beautifully put it) now hanging freely on a set of less than sizeable “family jewels”.


She was right, I thought. This cock is worthless, suitable only for Ms’s uses, when she sees fit to use it.


Like she had one night during that party…


I still remembered their feet distinctly as they mashed down on my face, Madam Pooja’s large soles, and Madam Mansi’s petite feet, with beautifully polished toes and well maintained soles…


And of course, my Goddess’s feet, and my Goddess herself, in full command of the proceedings, every so regal…


Despite my melancholy mood, an erection started to build, my

“stubby” rising to attention, as I heard Ms. Priyanka’s voice ring out, as if she was right there (though in reality she was thousands of miles away in a foreign land I knew nothing about).


“And do you even have any balls?? Ah, there they are, hiding behind your little pecker!!”


The peals of laughter seemed to resound in the room, as I looked down at my balls, a smattering of hair on them, with a thin “pasty white” (again, copyright Ms. Priyanka) cock pointing skyward in a rather unattractive manner.


And I did something I hadn’t done ever since she left me that fateful Friday night.


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Already translated. Translated by Paula Banda Rendón
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Maria did a great job on this - took my feedback on board, and delivered the final translation in a quality and timely manner. Thanks Maria!

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