Sensual Games by Dawn Brower

The more Emma sees Colt the more she has trouble resisting him. Can she look past Colt’s misdeeds and open her heart to him again?

Sensual games

Emmaline Novak just wants to forget she ever loved Colt. When he broke her heart, she swore off men and gave up on her dream job as a physical therapist for the football team he plays for. But when a second chance at her dream job comes along, she reevaluates her life decisions. Why should she give up the career of her dreams because of a man? It will be hard, but she’s up for the challenge. 

Colt Lewis has a lot of problems. His biggest is trying to convince his ex-fiancée he deserves another chance. She believes he cheated on her. He never did, but she won’t listen to him.Now he has an opportunity to make her realize she’s lost a good thing—him. But when he convinces his best friend to pretend to be his girlfriend, his plan to make Emma jealous may backfire. 

The more Emma sees Colt the more she has trouble resisting him. Can she look past Colt’s misdeeds and open her heart to him again?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: western, ranch, seattle, football, sports

Word Count: 60000

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It sells ok

Sample text:

Emmaline Novak took a deep breath and entered the kitchen of her family home. Her older brother, Dallas, and his wife, Ginnifer, were already seated at the table. Both had cups in their hands, but her sister-in-law was giving hers a dirty look. No doubt because it was decaffeinated, and she hadn’t acclimated to it well. Ginnifer loved her coffee, and having to downgrade it—her words—happened to be pure torture.

Ginnifer took a sip of her coffee and grimaced. “Damn this stuff is awful.”

Dallas patted her hands, cajoling. “I know, think of how much healthier it is for the baby.”

Ginnifer glared at him. If possible, she’d have shot ice out of her eyes and froze him in place, her stare was that glacial. “Don’t patronize me.”

Emma muffled a chuckle with her hand. Ginnifer was pregnant with their first child. She was due in a little over a month. Emma couldn’t wait to meet her new niece or nephew.

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