Scheming with My Duke by Dawn Brower

Time Travel Romance

Scheming with my duke

Serenity Drake went back in time for altruistic reasons. Her sister Peyton was dying and she needed her other sister to go back to save her life. Along the way she didn’t expect to find the one man she couldn’t resist.

Brandon Bennet, the Duke of Branterberry has a young son to care for. He has no room for Serenity in his life, but needs her help after she convinces his son’s governess to leave his employ. She takes on the duties with a flourish all her own. Brandon finds her difficult to resist, but has no wish to marry again. His first marriage left little to be desired.

As a spymaster Brandon has more than Serenity and his family to contend with. With the fate of his country at stake he must make a difficult decision: Does he give in to his attraction or abandon Serenity for the good of England.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Time Travel

Language: English

Keywords: second chance, bluestocking, psychic

Word Count: 25000

Sales info:

I am a USA TODAY bestselling author.

Sample text:

“Of course not,” she said dismissively. “I was lonely and a tiny bit bored. The flower amused me for a time.”

He stared down at it. Three lonely petals remained attached. “Did you figure it out?” he asked cryptically.


Please don’t ask about the love me part… She didn’t want to admit that the petal picking had everything to do with him and what she hoped they might find together. Her feelings were so entangled inside of her, she didn’t know if she was going up or falling down.

“If he loves you?” He lifted a brow. “Who is it you’re hoping is under your spell?”

He almost sounded—jealous? Dare she hope he was? Instead of addressing it and asking outright, she decided to play coy. Serenity rolled her eyes. “I am not one of your underlings you can trick into answering you.”

She wouldn’t mind being under him in a different way though… Bad Serenity. It was not the time for such thoughts. He wasn’t ready to fall into bed with her and discover a passion that burned brighter than the sun.

“My dear, you are not an ingénue either,” he said, glancing down and stopping momentarily at her bosom, then slowly raising his gaze up to meet hers. “However, I do give you credit for trying. I’ve dealt with a lot of females, and you’re rather difficult to unravel. I’m not entirely sure I want to.” He held the flower out to her. “I am rather curious what kind of man draws you in though. He must be rather brave or maybe even stupid to fall into your trap.”

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