Sally by L. Moone

A Steamy Chick Lit Novella

I don’t do relationships. I don’t do love.


The closest thing I have to a soulmate is my best friend and colleague, Becky, and I don’t even share myself with her. To me, men are fun playthings to be enjoyed in small doses. Luckily, Mark - my latest conquest, as well as our manager at work - seems to like it that way too.

One day my carefree existence is interrupted when a ghost from my past makes an appearance. My ex Gareth has tracked me down at work, and my world threatens to crumble. Old wounds are ripped open, and painful secrets are about to be exposed. I thought I was over him, but my once strong facade threatens to break down. On top of that, Gareth’s appearance has made Mark jealous, adding awkwardness to what was previously a perfectly casual affair.

Why is it that the harder I try to ignore these complications, the worse I feel? No matter how hard I try to run from it, the past is intent on catching up with me. Perhaps now it’s time to admit that it wouldn’t be so bad to confide in someone. To rely on someone other than myself.

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: chick lit, women's fiction, casual sex, singlehood, relationships, gender non-conforming, sexuality

Word Count: 24000

Sample text:

Working for one’s fuck-buddy is a funny situation to be in. One moment you’re trying to be professional, then, you see them, or as in this case, get a suggestive message from them, and all propriety goes out the window.

Today is no different, judging from the words that have just popped up on my phone, while I was supposed to be working on a spreadsheet of sales stats.

‘Tedious management meeting. Can’t stop thinking about the other night… M’

Neither can I. Mark, who has got to be the sexiest man I’ve ever hooked up with, ordered some takeout for the both of us, allowing us to enjoy a not so quiet night in without the added hassle of cooking, or heading out for food. We tried watching a movie, but were quickly distracted by each other’s company.

It’s impossible for me to be near him without my hormones going haywire, and the feeling is mutual.

By the time the end credits rolled along, he had me bent over the edge of his bed and given me an orgasm I’ll remember for the rest of my life. We finished the evening in the bath, letting the hot water calm our taxed muscles, while still unwilling to keep our hands off each other. All in all, a perfect night in. I went home before things got awkward for either him or me.

I respond with ‘Likewise, perhaps we can do it again sometime ;)’, and put my phone away before anyone comments.

My affair with Mark is common knowledge in the office, but luckily I haven’t had to deal with jealousy as such. If anything, a few of them seem to feel sorry for me, or so they say, for getting involved with a guy who’s never had a steady relationship in all of the five years he’s worked here.

They don’t realise that it’s perfect how things between us are. I don’t do steady relationships either.



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