Renascent Soul (Tiger’s Obsession Book 5) by Pet Torres

Adult romance.

Renascent soul (tiger’s obsession book 5)



I did not imagine that the destination could surprise me again and again in such a short time. However, I also didn't think he could bring back to my life, all the good and bitter memories of my past.

My past which, a part of it, I tried and I try to forget, but he's so stubborn and insists to invade my thoughts when I risk thinking about good, beautiful and unforgettable things.

Fate did it again; it brought to my life in the same way, the person I tried to get away from, for a long period of my existence.

I've always tried to be Emily, which existed before the goddamn collecting of a debt from my uncle.

So I ask myself again.

Fate rules my life? Or is it me that cannot dribble it with an armor to prevent all things or bad people try to cross my path for the second or third time?

What do you think of this?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: erotic, erotic romance, new adult romance, ya

Word Count: 21.003

Sample text:

Chapter 1




Friday at dawn


The traffic is calm. There are few cars circulating through the quiet roads which are partially illuminated by thousands of lamps in their posts. However, no light is able to overcome the darkness of the night. The immense dark sky over everything in a city or a country is able to faithfully seem infinite in the eyes of who gets carried away by a beautiful place, full of stars and clouds wandering from side to side.

Along the way, in the middle of the road, there is a black car, specifically a last generation Opala, moving at high speed. The driver of the vehicle seem excited, the adrenaline travels throughout his body, as he holds a bottle of imported whiskey, called 'The Dalmore'.

This same man, in his early thirties, is wearing dark jeans. A 'black overcoat', which is open in the front. He has no shirt underneath. His defined thorax is exposed.

In his neck is a gold chain with a pendant of a tiger.

His completely green and glowing eyes find some headlights of some cars coming in the opposite direction to him, on a track to his left.

He smiles at the lights. His drunkenness makes him malleable and cheerful to any movement. The skin of his face and chest is humid with his own sweat.

Wow! He really sweats right now!

He seems to be burning in a furnace with thousands of glowing embers.

Ahead, the traffic light, from yellow turns into red.


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