Relaxation and Stress Reduction by James Christiansen

This book will provide you with answers about what techniques can help beat stress in your life forever!

Relaxation and stress reduction

<b>Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by life? Having trouble coping with everything you need to do? Its time to learn relaxation and stress reduction today!</b> 

Let's face it: stress is all around us. Modern day life is fraught with stressful situations and nearly all of us are affected by stress at one time or another in a negative way. Sadly, many people search for stress relief in unhealthy habits, such as overeating or drug and alcohol abuse. Certainly there are medications available as well that can help severe stress, but what about <i>natural, holistic, non-medicinal cures for stress?</i>

That's where this book will help you: <i>This book will show you the best drug-free methods teaching you stress management, all of which incorporate your body's own natural energies and healing properties.</i> What better way to beat stress than by combating it with your own natural abilities and resources? You'll learn about how these techniques can help beat stress:
- Acupuncture
- Massage Therapy
- Yoga
- Laughter, and more!

Additionally, there are links located in the book to find certified practitioners of these therapies as well as helpful additional resources.

<b>If you're suffering from stress and looking for solutions, look no more. You need to learn how to relieve stress, and that starts with reading this book. This book will provide you with answers about what techniques can help beat stress in your life forever!</b>


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